You've NEVER seen an ITX Case like this – ROG Z11 Review: The ASUS RoG Z11 case is a super unique ITX enclosure that dares to do things differently for a price. It has a ton of features and airflow considerations that haven’t been tried before so ROG needs to be applauded for trying new things. But does that make the Z11 ITX case the best on the market? Well not really since the Z11 dimensions and other elements make the installation, cable routing and PC build experience very challenging, even though the its is a HUGE case. But with the ROG Z11 release date coming soon, we needed to get some things clear.

0:00 – Intro
2:05 – ROG Z11 ITX Size & Overview
3:55 – Accessories
4:28 – Installation Procedure
5:08 – ROG Z11 Interior Layout & Limitations
6:45 – Air & Water Cooling Options
7:18 – ROG Z11 Airflow
9:12 – GPU Clearance
9:38 – Angled Motherboard & Connector Hub
10:42 – Installation Process
13:24 – Z11 Cooling Performance
14:02 – ROG Z11 Who Is This FOR!?

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You've NEVER seen an ITX Case like this - ROG Z11 Review

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