WWF Royal Rumble 1995 - OSW Review 95

WWF Royal Rumble 1995 – OSW Review 95

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Massive thanks to:
Chris of ReloadLastSave for initial video editing
Addam Animay for the animations!
Lewis The Relinquished for the Shawnic animated intro
Dino for all his amazing artwork (eg Bundy/Taker)

Chapters for the WWE Royal Rumble 1995:
0:00 Intro
3:13 What Bar is Booker T?
6:33 Cheap Pop Culture Rewind
9:36 Jan 1995 in the World of Wrestling
12:17 PPV Start!
17:10 Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett
26:33 The Undertaker vs IRS
34:35 Bret Hitman Hart vs Diesel (WWF title)
50:21 Bammer & Tatty vs 123 & Sparky
1:03:17 Royal Rumble match
1:27:24 Aftermath
1:30:36 RAW the night after
1:40:31 Wrestling is Awesome
1:41:26 Outro | A Winner Is You!

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