Work From Home Makeup Tutorial Using Drugstore Products!: Hey Slaybaes!! With everyone having to work from home or attend school online, I filmed this “Everyday Makeup Look” that is perfect when you want to still look super put together. All the products used in todays video are affordable and can be found at the drugstore! If you enjoyed this video, drop me a COMMENT and let me know your favorite products from this video! Don’t forget to SMASH the like button, so I know to film more videos just like this! I Love You All Soo Much! See you MONDAY with ANOTHER VIDEO!


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Testing More New Affordable Makeup Products!

Testing New Drugstore Makeup

HUGE Affordable Makeup Haul 2020!

Full Face Using New Affordable Dupes For High-End Makeup!

NEW Affordable Dupes for High-End Makeup Products 2020!

I Tried Doing A Full Face Makeup Tutorial UNDER $50!

Testing New Drugstore Makeup Products 2020!


















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Work From Home Makeup Tutorial Using Drugstore Products!

Author by: MakeupbyAmarie



  1. I love your hair in this video! 💜 I’m not feeling the curly hair 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I still love ya! ☺️

  2. I’m 31 and found my first grey hair and it hit me that I’m getting old. I probably took it harder than I should but still I’m not trying to age lol

  3. Mine closed. I work at a Subway that is private owned. And they don't want us getting unemployment either.

  4. Hello mamacita I love you to pieces . I think if I was your mom, maybe try telling us stories about real life , high school, any kind of story. Go back to Tati Westbrook videos when she usted to tell people of makeup on sell or best ways to buy makeup I know you have so much more potential in creativity 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

  5. I work at a casino and we’re out for a couple weeks. They’re paying us. Thank God! Not sure if it’s only going to be just the two weeks. The uncertainty of it all just makes me anxious. Buuuut I’m soooo happy I have videos like yours to watch while I’m out of work.. 😊

  6. i am bless to still have a job and get paid from the shutdown they are very caring so yeah im really blessed! P.S. I love your simple yet pretty look.

  7. Gurl i feel ya however I was 20 and it was 2wks after I had my daughter. Now my hairdresser cant keep up with them.

  8. I love how informative and helpful you are! It helps me choose the right products, super helpful to me

  9. I am an Early Childhood Educator & I work in a federal program that accommodates a lot of Native American families(including myself & family members) and I am currently home off work w/ pay(thank the creator, was very scary as we all didn't know if we were going to get paid) so I get to be home with my 11yr old son!! Lots of time together but my fiance/dad is still working and he works for a powder coating paint shop and is still running as they paint governmental vehicles, very scary as no safety precautions are being used there, they have no masks and hope he gets paid hazard pay soon!!! But can leave if it starts spreading around our neck of the woods way up here in the Upper Peninsula of MI

  10. I went to go pick up that revolution eye primer because you raved about it so much and it said the shade core was a champagne shimmer?! 😩

  11. I love your videos! You have the best sense of humor! I remember that Kevin Hart stand up!! No,no no noooo😂😂😂Oh and I like when you teach!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. A clean spooly is the best thing I have found to get mascara off the lids after it dries. I do this everyday! Oh sorry for so many comments 😂 I just keep replying after you say something. (I really should just wait until the end to comment 🤦🏻‍♀️)

  13. Im 27 and startedgetting greys when i was 16ish. Luckily they were very few and easy to hid under my dark thick hair. Just never pull them out lol i always get that urge whenever i find one. Also i always keep QTips on hand for my curly lashes. Whether dry or wet, they help clean up mascara or eyeliner. Always keep a few in my bag since like high school. 👍

  14. Man I'm getting gray hair since I was like 10 or 12 so according to me grays at 28 is pretty good just because I'm getting them when I was way younger.😅

  15. Yah when I got into my 30s I ended up with brown spots / marks I am Olive skin toned so maybe that’s the reason who knows, usually darker skin toned people get the sun ☀️ spots unfortunately. If I didn’t use sunscreen Every day I would look like had birth marks on my face .

  16. Been off of work for two weeks, looks like I’ll be off another month. Not being paid. I’m a single mother, definitely struggling!

  17. Also, I love that you explain what you’re doing & why! It literally helps me sm. It doesn’t matter if you’ve said it a hundred times. Personally, that makes it easier for me to remember your top while doing my makeup!

  18. Omg I feel like I’m looking at different person! I forgot what the straight hair looked like! 😂
    I wish I could get myself to do my damn makeup, I’ve been super lazy.
    I was driving for Uber full time but now that this is happening I can’t risk catching something and bringing it home to my babies so I haven’t been working & unfortunately since were not employees and just contractors they aren’t offering any help unless you test positive. It’s really scary, not wanting to risk my family’s health but also not knowing how I’ll pay the bills.


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