Wire Wrapping Tutorial: Prong Setting: In this video I walk through the process I use to create wire prong settings.
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Wire Wrapping Tutorial: Prong Setting

Author by: Raftark Jewelry



  1. Hello I have some oval iris crystals,, in 12 mm and 10, and 14 mm, I was wondering how much wire would I need for the 14 mm as they are really beautiful with shades of purple blue green and pink,and would love to make a ring this way using the 14 mm, but I only have 18 gauge aluminum wire in copper and silver,, can't seem to get the stronger wire, and have to make use of the wire I have, so any info and help on that would be great thank you👍💍

  2. WOW, Now I know what to do with that big box of my semi precious stones. Do you have a video on how to complete this to make a ring please ? Thank you sooooo much.

  3. Your techniques are amazing and so much easier than i would have imagined. Thank you so much. This Will be a great technique for a ring i want to make. Ty again…love & light…K

  4. Thanks, this was very interesting. I am curious, is there an acceptable “cheap” wire a person can buy to learn with?

  5. You make this look so effortless! It took me three solid tries to get that basket pulled together. I love the final result for a 4 ct. Welo Opal <3 in Copper ~ Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing….I have searched high and low for a decent prong setting tutorial and this is the only one that gives us a professional clean prong finish <3

  6. OH my goodness, you've just opened up a whole new world for me.
    I inherited a box of gemstones that are all shapes and sizes that I have struggled to make bezels for in the traditional way. Thank you so much.

  7. Would this work for a heart setting? Thank you for giving us this tutorial, I totally love the look of this setting.

  8. So glad I found your page!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills. What kind of wire do you use to wrap in silver? I think that may be the one mistake I am making. Are you using dead-soft?

  9. Can't tell you how much I LOVE this. I have been trying to make a proper Basket for stones, THIs Is IT !!!!! Bless You my Friend!!!!!

  10. You made it look so simple, flawless & easy.

    It is not like this in real life for me. 😂
    Thank you 💙

  11. Another great tutorial, and at exactly the right time, as I’ve been trying to figure out this procedure for the last week or so. Thanks for giving us another great technique to incorporate into our work!


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