Webinar on How to Excel in Competitive Programming: Competitive Programming contests are usually held online over the internet or a local network, where participants get together and program as per specifications.
Competitive Programming is also recognised by many multinational software companies like Facebook and Google, who keep on hosting online coding competitions on a regular basis.

Competitive Programming contests usually see the host presenting a set of logical or mathematical problems, commonly known as puzzles to the participants. The participants then are required to solve programs capable of solving each problem.
If you want to know how to ace Competitive Programming like a pro, attend our webinar on Thursday, 2nd July at 8 PM, hosted by Parikh Jain and Dharmendra Chaudhary.
What will you learn in this Webinar?

– How to start Competitive Coding
– Competitive Programming Challenges
– Competitive Programming Websites
– Online Coding Contests

– Upcoming Coding Contests
– Coding Competitions for beginners

Register today and know how you can master the field of Competitive Programming!

Webinar on How to Excel in Competitive Programming

Author by: Coding Ninjas India



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