Waste and Water Improvements | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines: ⛵ Available on March 26th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99/€14.99 ⛵

Clean up your city with the many new tools available from Sunset Harbor! The new waste transfer facilities and advanced inland water treatment plants, it couldn’t be easier!

You no longer need to pollute the waterways with your sewage. You can now use the inland water treatment plants! They might still pollute, but don’t fear! There are always the eco versions!

The new garbage management systems include two new, very practical buildings. The waste transfer facility, which you can understand from their name, is a service building that sends out trucks and picks up garbage from your already placed garbage facilities. They then transfer it to the new waste processing complex, a giant factory that takes huge amounts of garbage and converts it to electricity and ground pollution.

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Waste and Water Improvements | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines

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