Waste and Water Improvements | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines: ⛵ Available on March 26th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99/€14.99 ⛵

Clean up your city with the many new tools available from Sunset Harbor! The new waste transfer facilities and advanced inland water treatment plants, it couldn’t be easier!

You no longer need to pollute the waterways with your sewage. You can now use the inland water treatment plants! They might still pollute, but don’t fear! There are always the eco versions!

The new garbage management systems include two new, very practical buildings. The waste transfer facility, which you can understand from their name, is a service building that sends out trucks and picks up garbage from your already placed garbage facilities. They then transfer it to the new waste processing complex, a giant factory that takes huge amounts of garbage and converts it to electricity and ground pollution.

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Waste and Water Improvements | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines

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  1. Water treatment plants or waste transfer facilities – which ones will be more useful in your city?

  2. If I get this correctly, the waste transfer facility is just an auto-emptying landfill with less pollution and the waste processing complex is just a beefed up incinerator plant, that takes it's waste from other facilites. Not very exciting for someone who relies on Green City recycling centers and not landfills and incinerators.
    The landbased sewage treatment plants are nice though, no need to spam 20 outlets raising the sea levels by several meters. I use assets to solve this problem.
    The landbased versions still seems a bit inferior to the outlets, especially the eco-treatment plant outlet, since it basically produces no pollution at all, is cheaper than the standard treatment outlet and has a higher drainage capacity, at the cost of rising the water levels, from my experience at least.
    What about the new healthcare facilites announced in the trailer? Are those getting a video on their own, are they included in tomorrows video?
    Personal wishes/ideas:
    More or new deathcare systems would be nice, from as simple as a hearse garage, a seperate deathcare budget slider over hearse helicopters to as brutal as garbage trucks can pick up dead bodies that are a major problem, with the red complain sysmbol not orange/yellow one, at a massive cost like 10-20% city wide of citizen happiness, greatly increased garbage budget, up to double the amount, designed as a last resort before a city crumbles at the heels of a mighty deathwave.
    Mini "catastrophies" such as outbreak like measles, protests against certain policies or just generally, prison breaks/riots and such would be challegnes too, forcing schools/libraries to shut down for some time, blocking roads, binding police and healthcare resources or simply disrupting daily life, but on a much smaller scale than tornados, earthquakes and tusnamis and metor strikes.

  3. I feel that this dlc is better than recent/latest dlcs just because it has things that I love 😆

  4. Cities: Skylines !!!
    Hello! please tell me how to fix a broken terrain. party select USGS shaded relief but relief doesn 't load!!! (

  5. Dear @Cities: Skylines, can you please start releasing your videos in 1440p and 2160p resolution as well? Some of us would appreciate it 🙂

  6. I love this stuff, idk why but this is some of my favorite stuff in updates like this. That being said I still want some more tall buildings and shit like that. Can we please get a hyper-modern citiy center update.

  7. It is so nice to see that more and more things are coming for cities skylines, but there is no place on the ps4 to place everything. It would be nice if you could build on the whole map then it would look much more realistic and not everything would be so squeezed.

  8. Tis game needs Gas Stations
    NO Fuel = Bad Industrie and many traffic
    + Adjustable Fuel Prices so people while drive the metro and dont own their own car

  9. Looks great. But how are you supposed to stop that much pollution? I thought planting a tonne of trees around the buildings would work, but the pollution just kills off the trees. What am I doing wrong?

  10. can u use recycling wonder instead of waste procesing complex and can u send garbage via rail?

  11. Finally. I am newer and frankly terrible at spreading industry and trash collection, so these new collection facilities will really help everything not get shut down from a lack of garbage collection

  12. Each time there’s a new DLC, it gives me a challenge to figure out how to incorporate it into my existing city

  13. I already use cool mods to manage my waste and water. But those additions look nice and I love the idea of collecting waste, store it and then transfer it to the processing facility. So while Sunset Harbor doesn't give me big new additions, there are many small details, I like very much. I'll give it a try.

  14. I think it is necessary to launch a new DLC to solve the pollution problems, including water, noise and ground pollution.

  15. Really looking forward to this DLC. Also, I love the industrial stuff, but it would be nice if the commercial and office stuff would get more love. Big furniture stores, big car lots, grocery stores, etc which could be tied in to the Industries dlc.

  16. So, basically what could be done with sewage in water, now exactly the same thing is done, only on ground.

    And the new garbage incinerator is identical to the base game, with the only differences in the skin and the fact that it produces energy.

    And a new skin for the garbage truck and the garbage dump.

  17. 0:25 Would be great if the trucks stopped crashing into the fence of the buildings and instead go through the main gate to deliver their stuff.

  18. Cool one of best DLC ever, hope this also means a future revamp in air pollution, right now Air pollution do zero damage instead of real world one that destroy everything, also will be cool new liquids, like nuclear waste, magma or mud.

  19. I love everything about this, I thought the most exiting things would be the metro and trolley buses, but to me this is way more interesting. I love the new land water treatment and have been waiting long for it (while using Avanya's and Ronyx69's assets). But there is one thing I have wanted more which was teased for five seconds; the water tower. Please tell me that was not a mistake, and that it is in the dlc along with a function!

  20. Air shows and water parks would be a good thing to add the flight club is the closest thing to air shows but they’re like the helicopter service.


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