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Hey guys, in this video i will review hair care products that are customized! 

Hair fall can only be controlled when the products you use are created for your unique scalp type and as per your Ayurvedic prakriti or doshas. A regular mass-produced product is not made specifically for your hair concerns. Hair growth is also possible with herbal ingredients that come from the lap of nature. 

Vedix uses this very concept to customize hair care solutions, based on the answers you enter in their dosha questionnaire. The questions range from your hair issues to details about your lifestyle habits, eye and tongue color, etc. The Vedix Anti Hair Fall Oil and the Vedix Anti Hair Fall Shampoo actually works wonders in reducing hair fall! They are also very easy to use, light and non greasy. The best part is that Vedix is made on natural herbs and is free of harmful chemicals, making them completely safe to use.

Watch the video to know my experience of using Vedix hair care products. 

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VLOG : Wife Life 🤩 | Cooking, Shooting & Lot More | Super Style Tips

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