Vintage Valentine's Day Hat Tutorial: It’s been a while since I’ve done a tutorial, but I was feeling inspired by the upcoming “holiday” and the beauty of 1950s headpieces. So I combined those two things into a fun headband hat design that can be constructed in a couple hours!

✩ Things mentioned ✩

Pattern (see attachment at bottom of post):

Felt: You can buy polyester felt at any craft or fabric store. But I used the colors black & red from this shop –

Interfacing: Pellon 71F or 70W, I ordered mine here –

18 Gauge Wire: (shown) (used)

Scissors (this is an affiliate link):

Pinking shears (this is an affiliate link):

Chalk pens:

Needles (this is an affiliate link):

DMC embroidery floss – not available online.

Ribbon (this is an affiliate link):

Blanket stitch diagrams:×315/b2/2d/f9/b22df9f40e4055fd860e17a95de806c4.jpg

Nail polish:


Sorry for the weird strobing effect over some of the footage. I don’t know what happened there, hopefully it isn’t too noticeable!


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My name is Angela Clayton, I’m a twenty two year old self taught designer and seamstress who is currently living on Long Island, in NY.

Where is your dress form from? : I use three forms – a vintage WOLF form, a display form from, and a PGM form.

What is your table made out of? : My table has a surface of HOMASOTE which is a paper fiber board, soft enough to push pins into.

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What scissors do you use? : I have three main pairs

The multichrome ones are by Tula Pink (affiliate link):
The silver ones are by Gingher (affiliate link) :
The gold ones were gifted to me by Whiteley :

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Vintage Valentine's Day Hat Tutorial

Author by: Angela Clayton