UNCUT GEMS Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review: UNCUT GEMS Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review. We break down the Adam Sandler A24 Film that’s just dropped on Netflix.

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The film ends with a lot of things up in the air and throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down what we took from the final few scenes and the overall themes behind the movie.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

Now let’s get into our breakdown of Uncut Gems.

Uncut Gems Themes
After a brief prologue that introduces us to the rare and mystifying Opal that becomes pretty much the MacGuffin of the movie, we meet Howard Ratner, a gambling addict that runs a jewelry store in New York’s diamond district.

The first time we come across the character is a rather intimate moment during a colonoscopy in which a polyps is found. Though worrying at first, it is revealed to be benign and this sort of closeness to what could be death and then the revelation that everything will be ok is something that is mirrored throughout the movie.

Uncut Gems is intentionally filmed, edited and presented in a way that will cause anxiety and predominantly we follow Howard as he struggles to pay off a $100,000 debt that he owes to his brother in law Arno.

We’re just gonna be giving a brief plot overview of everything before we get into our analysis on the film so it properly sets up the context of things later on. I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible and just cover the main points but if you haven’t seen the film yet then I highly recommend that do.

uncut gems ending explained full movie spoiler talk review

Uncut Gems Plot Breakdown
Howard lives with his girlfriend Julia just up from his store and the character has a very estranged relationship with his wife. Neither her nor Dinah, his ex have informed their children and they are very much about keeping up appearances which is also exemplified in his brother-in-law Arno who Howard is in debt to.

Howard obtains the Opal and wishes to list it at auction for an estimated price of $1,000,000 which he is sure he can get. After showing it to basketball player Kevin Garnett, the real-life figure becomes obsessed with…

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UNCUT GEMS Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review

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