Tutorial: DIY Face Mask For Hospitals | Quick Fast DIY Mask For Coronavirus Shortage: Go to our website and join the challenge at http://www.sewitonline.com once you sign up you instantly get the pattern and instructions.

Tutorial: DIY Face Mask For Hospitals | Quick Fast DIY Mask For Coronavirus Shortage

Author by: Sew It Online



  1. You keep saying: do you see what I'm doing? If you had a camera pointed at the sewing machine I could see what

  2. my machine broke and i have made 12 masks and have so many patterns cut from the last video…. how could i borrow a sewing machine? lol my machine keeps jamming and clicking and keeps going in reverse idk what to do

  3. I have 114 fronts assembled and am working on cutting out the backs now. This pattern is terrific and thank you for sharing! Iā€™m using my serger so that really helps to speed along the process.

  4. Made a bunch of masks, but from a different but similar pattern, would they still be useable to send ?

  5. Have you made your video on how to construct this mask with a serger yet? I'm sure I could figure it out but looking for tips and tricks, dos and don'ts. Thank you!

  6. Mam I'm a tailor but now no job staying at home I really want to make these mask.and give it to people who in need for free.from canada I'm unable to get material as here its lock down. Can u pls tell me what material I can use to make mask.i have my own brother sewing machine.

  7. Hi ! 33 years old, mom of 3 and wife! Sadly have never used a sewing machine ! Just purchased my first brother machine and discounted fabric and materials to start this challenge! I work in hospice and we have a shortage as well, so I'm making them to help our staff and then to donate thank you for the great videos because I learn through visuals ! Wish me luck !!!!!

  8. Hi Jan, thank you so much for the great tips for how to make one of these masks. I was up all night last night and was able to make about 4 of them. Iā€™m an amateur. The following is a link to my video (I linked yours) where I made a slight modification to your suggestions on how to hold the mask more securely to my face and it does not require elastic. Thank again and I hope you like it. https://youtu.be/yN_cmsFYwcY


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