Try These 2 TIPS on Your Next BENCH:CHEST WORKOUT!: 0:00 Why We Are Here & Thank You!
0:28 Basics Build the Best But You need to make them Interesting or you’ll flake
1:05 First Tip to Try Out
1:57 Atlas Stone Grip Kettlebell pull-Overs
2:54 Second Tip to Try Out
3:06 Why This is Helpful
3:30 Pay “RENT” for the equipment used
4:32 Not Just for Push-Ups
5:13 A New Barbells & Bushcraft Video will be coming out soon
6:06 HOW TO get Kettlebell into place for Pull-Overs

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Much respect to all of you for watching these and supporting the channel! I hope this was helpful!

In this one I give you two unique tips that I just discovered and added to my own training. I hope you will give them and try and they will make the same old boring basics that always need to be done, a little more interesting.

Try These 2 TIPS on Your Next BENCH:CHEST WORKOUT!

Author by: Brian Alsruhe – source: