Top language learning tips for beginners & intermediates 🌏: 💙 Is there a single right way to learn a language? What’s the best method for you? What about advice for intermediate learners? Here’s my best advice on successful language learning for both parties.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Advice for beginner language learners
01:05 Overwhelm & methods
02:12 Is there a single best way to learn?
02:26 General advice for beginners
03:07 Intermediate learner tips
03:41 Talking around a word
04:31 Maintenance mode & daily studying?
05:37 Changing your mindset
05:56 Habit stacking
06:18 End


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Welcome! This channel is a space for me to share my progress and tips for learning multiple languages. I was born in South Africa and grew up in France, Pakistan, the UAE and Japan. Now I work as a UI/UX designer in Singapore and tutor languages on the side. I hope to inspire you to keep going and reach your language goals! I’m also a Christian and strive to shine God’s light in all I do. Thanks for popping by!

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Top language learning tips for beginners & intermediates 🌏

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