TIGER KING Review with Justin Igualada, Tyler Nolan and a Crazy Cobra !: Hey y’all! Int this Video Tyler Nolan and Justin Igualada give their opinions on the new Netflix Documentary Tiger King. Featuring Mark McCarthy, Doc Antle, Mario Tabraue, Tom Cruthfield, Joe Exotic, and Carol Baskin.
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TIGER KING Review with Justin Igualada, Tyler Nolan and a Crazy Cobra !

Author by: Tyler Nolan



  1. It seemed like Doc and Joe had a low key cult though, at least that's how it was portrayed by the documentary. Since you know Doc personally, what are your thoughts on that?

  2. I felt a little bad for joe exotic, even though his ego was his demise.. Did he get set up?… Maybe so.. But i believe he definitely would have had carol killed if he was legitimately smart enough to do it..
    Carol is shady as hell.. Im still slightly torn on whether she killed her husband (75%sure) or that fool busted ass out of the country. (25%). Either way she's a jank person.. Trying to stop the private sector from doing the exact thing that she did.. Plus not paying a dime to those people that basically run the place when she's setting on millions??? As for Doc.. Hey, dude's got an Empire.. Is everything he does morally right or good.. No..but who am i to say what is ok and what isn't.. As long as he isn't forcefully hurting anyone, who cares. Let him live the life most only dream of.
    At the end of the day, all we have is what we make of our self.. Whether its good or bad is up to you. What we learned from this documentary is this… Life is short, and theres a lot of people with to much money and not enough respect and intelligence to mind there own business.. If your one of those people.. Well, all i can say is get that shit on camera 😂👌.. It makes a hell of a tv show 😎

  3. The whole time I was just sitting there wondering how Carole has any fucking right to come at people when she has big cats and was doing the exact same shit they were.

  4. I’m overwhelmingly turned on by you handling venomous snakes 😂 I’ve been watching your channel for a while and it never fails! Haha

  5. I absolutely loved it but Bc I follow all these people daily I was like no that’s not right about Mario either. Like idgaf how he came up, he is a boss to me and loves his animals. Doc Is a fucking animal (that applies to human animals also lol) God. He really has created his own utopia, it’s amazing! He is brilliant! Joe was psychotic, Carole killed her husband and should have her “sanctuary” shut down! Floridians really do whatever the fuck they want, I thought we Southeast Louisianians were wild!

  6. Thanks for the video guys! I hope you guys are doing well! Much love from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦❤️

  7. Carol seemed so shady, I couldn’t believe a word that women said the entire time I watch that documentary.

  8. We what are your thoughts on Doc Antle putting tigers in the Gas chamber once they age out of cub petting age?

  9. Carol definitely killed her husband that shit with the paper work she stole and it saying disappearance on it sold it for me. I supported joe up until he stopped caring for his animals and not feeding them the proper food and killed a few of them with a handgun I felt really bad for his head keeper at the end. That stuff with Travis killing himself on CAMERA was fucking insane

  10. I think ya'll are great and there's nothing wrong with making money with the animals.
    I have learned a lot from watching y'alls videos and Chandler's videos . I had a professor in college that took in exotic animal's. These animals are treated well and respected . I've hunted and killed animals most of my life . The idiots who get the animals and don't take care of them are the fucktards that give the good guys a bad name . Rant over lmao sorry not sorry. Lmfao Daddy Everybody's got a closet of memories and skeletons . My horns balance my halo

  11. You put your self out there for all to see, and in the process some of us may even learn something. Keep on rocking Tyler we just don't know what's around the corner, stay safe guys thanks for your videos

  12. Watched this now twice cause the opening with the snow Leopard on you channel. I totally think carol killed her husband and that cold justice needs to take a look at it. You can tell docs animals are well taken care of and that he knows what he’s doing same with Mario. I also think joe had some set fire to the gator shed/studio.


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