This Tutorial Will Turn You Into A Killing Machine Natalia: Don’t forget about Inspire guys xD

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This Tutorial Will Turn You Into A Killing Machine Natalia

Author by: Betosky



  1. You also need a good and smart team.Recently played a match with her and the team legit gives the mm everything so I just split push and we won.

  2. Beto may sound calm and collected in this kind of videos.. but when you see it live he's reactions are priceless 🙊👁👄👁

  3. Build berserker first if your team is doing great and if not then build Windtalker for the split push

  4. 8:48
    Beto : " Here I was kind of testing how close the enemies have to be in order to break the invisibility "

    Me : insert press x to doubt meme 👀

  5. Im nat main 3000+ games with her, using nat since day 1 in the land of dawn.

    The secret of Natalia is, she has MANY different combos depending on the situation.

    I see alot of players only use one combo until the game ends, this is very sad.
    If you watch limit company the most famous ntalia global, u will be surprise natalia's 4 dash can look like fanny's 4 cable in late game trust me, limit can move like fanny in just 1.5 seconds and 3 enemies who are far away from each other are already dead they didnt know if invisible fanny exists.

  6. Buy roam mask. No time to farm, kill kill kill. Also I've tried ALL spells, aegis is one of the best spell. You don't need to buy defense item which allows you to buy damage items. Plus using aegis gives yourself and your teammates extra. Protection that very crucial seconds when you attack. So instead of get 1/2 kills during team fight, you just helped to get wipe out, since you and your teammates can still survive to finish off the rest. Pluss your 1st skill CD is so low you can reuse to chase kill after team fight.

  7. Liked the Natalia tutorial a lot. I've started playing MLBB recently and just got Lancelot as my first tier 1(?) hero. Can you do one these tutorials for him? I am enjoying playing him and winning most of my games. But sometimes my team keeps on feeding too much or taking all lane and jungle creeps leaving me no farm. What do I do then? I'd like any help. Thank you 🙂

  8. Nat was strong before revamp. After revamp………HOLYSHIT. but I still got losing streak because my teammates(damage dealers) runs away or playing farmville when then should've push while I distract enemies to other side of map. :))))) well, that's a soloq life. You get winning and losing streaks, but yeah the latter mostly.

  9. Me encanta tu vídeo,está bien explicado e incluso te explica la estrategia q debes tener ,me encanta que pueda ver el vídeo en español,sigue adelante,eres el mejor youtuber de mlbb!


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