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– 2
– Fire, Then Nothing
– Vargtimmen
– Window Weepin’

Teaching Anton how to do a one finger pull up in one session, is it possible?

– Toyota
– Scarpa
– Varri


This is how to do a one finger pull up in one day!

Author by: Magnus Midtbø



  1. Cant believe you went to my home gym and I wasn't there!!! Would have been super awesome to meet you both.

  2. Ahh that stone summit is my home gym! I probably missed you by a day or two before the gym got closed for the virus concerns

  3. I wish my gym wasn't closed. I got some time off work coming up. I might do day trip to the hill country, and try doing my first outdoor bouldering session.

  4. I hate to be that guy but does anyone know the name of the rap song playing when Magnus is doing the pink boulder at 5ish minutes?

  5. Magnus just thought I would share, I broke my arm arm-wrestling and it took 6 months to recover (the humerus). Reason why it broke was because it was a sustained long tension and our bones are not strong on angles. If you do please be careful. I actually got into your stuff because I was in recovery and wanted to live vicariously through your content (sounds weird I know)

  6. Anton: I'll take my hoodie if you take your shirt off.
    *takes hoodie off to reveal T-shirt with a hood.

  7. Would you be able to make a how to train to do a one arm pullup? I can do normal pullups no problem but I wanna learn one arm and then maaayybe one finger just to try it Haha


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