THEY PROVED ME WRONG! – Adidas Predator 20.2 – Review + On Feet: Get a Pair with Coupons HERE –

It’s no secret that I have have been very negative towards Adidas takedown models, and rightfully so, almost all of them have been terrible or nowhere near as good as they should be. There’s clearly been some major excitement around the new Predators, with the top-end 20+ and 20.1 models all being outstanding, but what about the takedowns? How do they compare?

In today’s video we take a closer look at the $120 Adidas Predator 20.2, the Adidas takedown model to finally prove me wrong! Not only are they significantly cheaper than the top models, they’re almost as good! I explain what makes them such a great value for money by going over all of the details, helping you decide whether or not these are boots you should buy if you’re on a budget. Would you wear these boots?

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THEY PROVED ME WRONG! - Adidas Predator 20.2 - Review + On Feet

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