The Worst Drinks known to Science! | How to Drink: From the infernal mind of Doc “Rusty” Venture come the worst drinks I’ve ever had. These are the Doc-Tails!

With news of the Venture Bros. being canceled, I knew it was high time I grit my teeth, gird my loins, steel myself, and prepare for oblivion, to brave the drinks known as “Doc Tales”. Or is it Doctales? Doc-tails? Doctails? I’m not actually sure about the appropriate spelling. Whatever the case, the Doc has been mixing up these nightmares for many years and foisting them upon Billy Quiz Boy, Pete White, Hank and Dean. I don’t think we ever see Brock Samson or Sgt. Hatred drinking these things. Or the Monarch. I could be wrong.

Series creator “Doc” Hammer is upfront on the directors commentary that these drinks are supposed to be bad, and spoiler alert: they are. They are very bad, in fact, this is the first episode where I had to immediately go and lie down after shooting it. That Hunchback is… something special. And by the way, the drinks in this episode are The Hunchback, The Ruddy Bottom, and the Red Mocho Cooler, recipes are in the video.

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The Worst Drinks known to Science! | How to Drink

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