The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 13 'What We Become' Review & Rick Movie Easter Eggs Explained: My review of Michonne’s final episode on The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 13 'What We Become' Review & Rick Movie Easter Eggs Explained

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  1. You also got to remember that these kids growing up in twd universe, will react diff than most kids in our reality. Plus judith is a bad ass

  2. I’m prob in the minority but I’m gonna say it, michonne isn’t as cool as she used to be and has been a very annoying character after rick disappeared

  3. When it comes to killing zombies Michonne is the best, hands down.

    Daryl is my favorite character. But no one kills zombies as Michonne does.

  4. This episode blew it was boring as hell especially after the past four episodes which have been amazing

  5. She has to come back , or they have to re cast her . She probley taking a year off and then they will bring back both characters.

  6. And wait how did virgel know about Carl he said is that that kid rick is not a kid so rick he must of meant virgel

  7. I watched it on Friday and was blown away, watched it again tonight. It was one of the best episodes they've ever made which is what I hoped it would be.

  8. “In this apocalypse, everyone is selfish and on their own, doing whatever it takes to survive.”…
    That kinda hits close to home today.

  9. No mom woukd leave children to go look for her husband who may or may not be alive at 6 years ask your wife

  10. It's understood Judith was forced tho nature well beyond her years. But, to leave RJ in her care is asking a lot. How can a mother leave her children without having a conversation with an adult first?

  11. I loved michonnes alternative journey where she doesn't save andrea, gets left behind by Daryl, joins the saviours and gets killed by Rick. It was fun to watch

  12. I said when they left the hiker that they shouldn't have left him. I was pissed when they passed him n his poor body had been ravaged!! That was mean AF.

  13. Was a great Ep…I think Rick and Michonne will return to TWD series ..AMC must see the ratings potential in that could revive interest

  14. Scott Gimple STILL hasn’t told us shit about the Rick Grimes movies… it’s been over a fucking year! WTF!!

  15. I don't think the show will focus on the commonwealth all too much. I think that they can drag the show out at least to season 12 but I think that the commonwealth and crm will be the bit focus of the movies. And that the show will just shift over there to finish the story

  16. Yall know she doesnt find out hes alive right?? She finds out he was there and was alive during the time he was there. She still doesnt know for sure that hes alive

  17. Easily the biggest thing about her exit was that she doesnt know Ricks alive. She doesnt know if she'll find him. She doesnt where shes going. If they really want to, they can give her her own story apart from rick. She doesnt have to forcefully appear in his movies because the fans want it. Shes on her own journey now. Not Rick's or anyone elses. I feel thats far more powerful for her character. Yes she looking for him but she knows it can lead to a tragic find

  18. The writing on this show went in the toilet once Angela Kang took over. The show is indeed 'The Walking Dead'. Disjointed. Non-sensical. Bunk.

  19. I don’t think we will see rick come back to the see the actress (catelyn Fleming) playing Judith because there will be a time jump and they would have to use an older Judith…


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