THE REVIEW – The Weeknd – AFTER HOURS: Reviewing The Weeknd’s new album, After Hours. This is a confident and mature project from Toronto’s finest, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the record, and filming this review

Apologies for the mic quality – my normal mic decided not to record


Score: 9
Favourite Tracks:
Alone Again
Scared To Live
Escape From La
Save Your Tears
Repeat After Me
After Hours

Least Favourite:
In Your Eyes

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Author by: Jon Denton



  1. 9/10 for me . And it’s not just about the music.the visuals and his music videos are so artistic and mysterious that make me engaged .

  2. The one thing that I’m still looking for more of from Abel is his vocals. He used to really show off his range a lot more in his older projects but not as much now.

  3. Good to see a lot of The Weeknd fans in unison on this one. This album really is on par with if not better than Kissland and definitely his best album since then. As a fan from 2011, found his last few projects a bit meh. Not cohesive, half good-half shit. But this is way better than BBTM and Starboy. Like really good. Like early album of the year contender good.

    My ranking
    1) House of Balloons
    2) Echoes of Silence
    3) Thursday (After Hours night actually be better than Thursday tbh. But each of those early mixtapes reserve a place in my soul for some reason so feels weird ranking anything above them)
    4) After Hours
    5) Kissland
    6) BBTM
    7) Starboy
    8) My Dear Melancholy (I hated how this was hyped as the Weeknd returning to his old sound – it just wasnt😂)

    This album just sounds like The Weeknd has finally found himself musically after transitioning from underground phenomenon who pioneered his own genre of dark, drugged out post-RnB to the biggest pop star in the world. And that is great

  4. Mr Denton. I very much look forward to watching you review the video for the new Joyner Lucas track 'Will'. You will LOVE it

  5. thank you so much for the effort you put in this review i can relate to everything you’re saying 🤩🤗

  6. Im actually kinda surprised your least fav was in your eyes. But at least there’s finally a reviewer who actually really likes abel’s music 😂

  7. The freaking drop though in the after hours track is insane I wish I hadn’t listened to it yet and saved up to hear the whole album in one go

  8. I wish the whole album was like 'Until I bleed Out' but it's still a masterpiece. Kinda weird how that's the outro like it's transitioning into a different mood. Hope there's a B-side 😩


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