The Incredible Math Behind the “Divide” Blend Mode! – Photoshop Tutorial: Why Does the “Divide” Blend Mode Exist? Let’s take a deeper look at a magical application of the Divide blending mode to easily remove any color cast, and then, discover the amazing mathematics of how this blend mode works.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will develop a deeper understanding of how the divide blend mode makes the colors interact and how the mathematical formula applies to the RGB values of the resulting color.

I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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The Incredible Math Behind the “Divide” Blend Mode! - Photoshop Tutorial

Author by: PiXimperfect



  1. All vids that u did are really easy to follow that even newbs like me can do it. All of my current knowledge regarding photoshop are from watching ur vid. Really, u have my greatest thanks.

  2. Homework: One probable application can be changing colour temperature. Divide with blue to make it warmer and with yellow to make it cooler

  3. Amazing as always! Thank you so much for all that shared knowledge. With you my photoshop skills are in a permanent state of improvement !

  4. Homework: change the color of e.g. a green dress to blue (well you'll have to use a mask as well if you dont want to change everything in a picture but just the dress)

  5. Excellent Unmesh!!!! Simply solved a problem I've had with my old sony camera in a few clicks…. stay well!

  6. Hey! My Wacom works fine except for when I try to write like you. It lags so much! Can you please make a video about that? How to make your Wacom smooth on photoshop?

  7. very good but it needs in still easy form selecting white in image is difficult , White balance is the most difficult subject please give many tutorials on white balance only ,if white balance is correct we can move further-Farukh- Ballari-Karnataka

  8. Amazing work as always !!! I have one short question: how is this different from white balance from point selection (availiable in Camera Raw)? PS: yes, this is not criticism, I can see further use of this technique, I am just curious, if there is something more in that white balance tool. Thank you very much, keep up good work 🙂

  9. The divide mode worked very well. I also used it for whitening teeth and eyes on separate layers with mask

  10. This trick is super neat!! If I the whitebalance doesn't correct everything I can use this on top. I have images in a series where I have a greycard image and I can use that to clean it up. You can also use several layers to remove more than one color cast.

  11. Hi Bro, As a beginner in photoshop can you please suggest which videos of your channel start with.
    I am confused, I watched most of the videos of your channel but I am confused from where to start.

    Thank You


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