THE FINAL REVIEW!! ALL THE REMAINING CARDS REVEALED! | Outland Review #10 | Hearthstone: All of the remaining Ashes of Outland cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland Card Review #10


Author by: RegisKillbin



  1. Immolation Aura is 2 mana Volcanic Potion which also attacks Reborn and deathrattle effects. 5 stars!

  2. Hmmm for Waste Warden it sounds like it would hit all tribeless minions too if u target one … cause it doesnt mention only tribes but rather minion type

  3. I was a little sad Regis didn't acknowledge the resemblance between himself and the Augmerchant. I wonder if it was intentional. Want to weigh in, Regis?

  4. For kanrethad I feel it will actually be able to slot into zoo, the discount could be pretty big and as you said you can get some free flame imps and void callers, but you were skeptical about the prime in a zoo deck, that’s where I disagree, I remember if KoFT some zoo lists ran gulden, even though they could still summon the 1 costs demons back, but usually you’d get a couple larger 4/5 costs demons in there, so that’s why I feel it will be viable in a zoo deck

  5. 22:45 What would happen if that hits another Infectious Sporeling? Will it summon another one with new stats? Just imagine a full board will that minion.

  6. Soul mirror seems really similar to lightbomb whivh was a good card, plus it can have pluside so it seema good to me

  7. Been complaining about what they do to priest for a long time, and im finally at least semi happy about this new set. I could see myself using all but maybe 3 of the cards in this set. Psyche just feels too expensive but i do see it's use. Grave Runes is better but the issue is if you GR a Convicing, you're still vulnerable to a silence , or poly or hex. Splitting it makes 2 seperate targets for removal making it hard for people to clear without the built in punishment of the minion. I do wish it wasn't at 5 mana, though i understand why. If you make it any cheaper you start copying much larger minions in 1 turn, thats pretty insane. That said they're allowing other classes to mana cheat way harder so… wish it was 4

  8. At first i mistook immolation aura as a rouge card and was sooooo exited but no rouge cant have that like priest cant have dmg

  9. Its funny how these reviews are every card is either "I dont think this will see any play" or "This Card is broken and will break the game."
    There is NO inbetween. A deck has to consist of 30cards that are gamebreaking, and everyone will play this deck and cointoss every game who wins.
    I remember all these metas where we had only 1 deck that was viable. Because only OP cards work. Nothing else. No combo enablers, no draw, no utility. Only broken cards work. We all know that.

  10. Imagine looking at cursed vagrant year one and knowing that in the future somone will say "The 7 mana 14/10 worth of stats probably wont make the cut for any decks"

  11. couple more expansion and we will have whole Gul'dan composable from the cards – so far we have hands and skull (head) , just need legs and torso and maybe his robes

  12. Wasn’t the sporeling idea featured on custom hearthstone? The name might of been plague rat, can’t be sure.

  13. I predict deep freeze will be the To My Side! of this expansion. I thought too my side would be trash can but the card was so good and i predict the same for spell mage card

  14. while watching the reveals, I compared it to ben brodes & day9s card reveal stream in k&c and was like: wtf?


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