TF2: How to die like a Fool #3 [FUN]: Gibus Engineer (G.E.W.P.):
How to do fat scout rush:
WTF Moments #8:

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I am looking for funny gameplay moments, epic fails from public server games, competitive games, tf2lobbies, mixes ,highlanders:)

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SFM Thumbnail picture by wolfalberto:

0:20 ES_Fly And The Family Wonder 2 – Anders Bothén
0:36 ES_Action Packed And Ready 2
0:46 Working Dough – Rhythm Heaven Fever
1:52 Greetings! – Rhythm Heaven Fever
2:09 Micro-Row 2 – Rhythm Heaven Fever
2:57 Flipper Flop – Rhythm Heaven Fever
3:36 Toy Menu – Rhythm Heaven Fever

Music by Epidemic Sound ( )



TF2: How to die like a Fool #3 [FUN]

Author by: NISLT



  1. Hey guys, what was your most embarassing death? Mine was sticky jumping into a ceiling and somehow dying from fall damage

  2. I killed myself in teamfight, because the sticky bomb somehow flew like 2 meters and my blind ass didn't saw it.

  3. я один переиграл rhythm heaven fever 10 раз и бъю по полу как в игре

  4. Playing soldier, running back to spawn as I have low health.
    Bump into a cloaked spy.
    Instinctively fire a rocket at my feet, killing us both

  5. Do u have a friend admin? If u do pls remove my steam guard. If u are asking my username here is my username: ytbeaster

    Sin you have to make more of those Fool videos in TF2.

    Damn I enjoyed it WUOUW I LAUGHT VERY MUCH.

    Good work and keep it up!😁👌 I’m soo glad that you are back! 👊😁


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