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  1. Jesus the way repent Don't blaspheme Jesus or the holy Ghost or God Jesus the way Matt 28:18: Col 3:23: Matt 22:37: Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ STAND FIRM be STRONG psalm 118 24 matt PutFullArmorOfGod

  2. You trynna be like ddg you wasn’t doing all this when James was around. You tried to be his friend and all smh

  3. Stop trying to act like DDG man you know this wasn’t a slap or anything close to hitting her! You know this is a cute video you Bum!

  4. I think the corona thing is affecting my dudes brain cuz I normal thinking person wont make such shitty content to be honest…I mean why are you trying to create problems here are you blind or what….

  5. Bruh it’s a game plus he didn’t slap her now u wanna be like yo brother and the funny things is he not scared of u or DDG and why u ant have that same energy wen Von was talking to yo son saying he was gone smack him

  6. Wow so dub u are now feeling how DDG feels…. She's too young for all dis… Set things right be4 she goes out of hand

  7. You better be glad I love you I liked the video just don’t act like yo brother ddg because you at the top of my list for the best YouTuber keep it up and don’t even trip over the little things like he is a good person give him a chance like y’all always have to mess up something let her have fun like y’all can’t run her like let her live a little

  8. Y’all over act to much like he Taped her faces like you have to react to this like be better then ddg you have to be the good nice brother like I love you as a YouTube person you one of the best

  9. nigga you’re doing wayyyyyy to damn much, he barely even made contact with her face. at this point you’re just looking for content.

  10. Bro I know this entertainment but I’m unsubscribing from all of yas if another video about tee tee am boyfriend 💯

  11. All he did was touch her fucking cheek but he don’t be saying nothing when Ddg be man handling her cause everybody in dat fam weird asf except teetee, y’all act like Ddg y’all dad🤣

  12. Y’all acting extra asl dang at least she happy like even if it was a slap she choose to do it also.

  13. He didn’t even slap her all he did was put his hand on her face like y’all really need to chill like nigga relax and I see you the nicer


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