Street Fighter: The Movie – Movie Review: It’s infamous, it’s cheesy, it’s 90’s, yet Raul Julia is epic. Here’s my review of my personal “guilty pleasure favorite” STREET FIGHTER: THE MOVIE!

Street Fighter: The Movie - Movie Review

Author by: Jeremy Jahns



  1. I never watched it. I was 16 or 17 when it came out. It looked to goofy in the trailer. I'll prob never watch it lol

  2. "For you the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life but for me it was Tuesday"

  3. It may not be as better than the Animated movie (Street Fighter 2 the animated movie) but it’s better than that piece of crap Legend of chun li.

  4. Like JCVD says in the movie: 'Let's kick Bison's butt!' Love the movie, but please review the also legendary but quite horrible MK clone game based on the movie called 'Street Fighter the Movie: The Game,' which uses digitized actors from the movie and has broken as f controls.

  5. I unironically love this movie, its one of my favorite comedies. And yes, it was fully intended to be a comedy. The writer/director knew full well what he was doing with this film. No one but the writer of Commando and The Running Man could have made this as fun as it is.

  6. I saw this in the theater when I was 14. I went home and told my brother how awesome it was. Then we went back and I watched it again with him on the same day. I love this movie

  7. Rual Julia was a fantastic actor and he his greatly missed. I think it was because of his death that they didn't do anymore Addams Family movies, because there would be other Gomez like him.

  8. I'm only in it for Kylie Minogue. Even though Chun Li is my favorite character. How weird is that? lol

  9. JCVD that dude sure he made some shitty movies but he was likable plus he was banging the lady that played Cammy in the movie so mad props

  10. Actor that played Banson did it for his children while fighting with cancer. Being weakened by it he still wanted made it the best he could. Also there were MANY production problems, action acenes had to be shot in shorter notice than normal.


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