Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Review | Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2: Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Review | Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2
The introspective character study of one Admiral Jake Luke Peecard will end tonight with the girl who is the key to everything, a hail of pew-pews, decapitations, and Kurtzsplosions. Going live right after the episode.
It’s OVER! Will we get a Star Trek Picard season 2? Maybe not. They might not get that 20 million dollar tax break they were hoping for and CBS is in trouble.
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Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Review | Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2

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  1. Here's what i don't get, and i don't care if they gave some ham fisted hand wave of an explanation on the show, I'm not watching this crap to give it validity. If ole AI Soong was so po'ed at his pops for liking the third android (because B4 then Lore then Data) better than his squishy son, why would he dedicate his life to surrounding himself with other androids? Why did he go out of his way to make the female's look like the "daughter" of his hated not brother? And why would he want the entire universe (and no before it was all of the universe, not just the galaxy. But hey they swept the JJ Abrahs BS about "GALAXY" destroying supernovae under the rug and just said Romulan home world sun and thought no one would remember.) Simply put, JJ / Kurtz-Trek is a joke of 1/2 thought out story lines. I get the distinct feeling that these "writers" don't know the difference between a story concept, and a story line. An idea is a fine thing, as long as it has a reasonable clever mind to flesh out the story. Not so much in Nu Trek, Nu Who, Nu DC/Marvel etc and so on.

  2. I like Star Trek: Discovery and even I couldn't manage to like Star Trek: Picard. It's a confused, boring, offensive (really something that it manages to be both boring and offensive), derivative (Mass Effect, anyone?), potential-squandering mess.

    I thought the writers were deliberately refusing to have any of the characters mention Lore because they were holding him back for a big reveal as a major villain and they didn't want the audience thinking about him beforehand. And Dr. Alton Soong as Lore disguised in human flesh (Remember when the Borg queen grafted human flesh onto Data?) would have been an excellent reveal for the final episode of the season. But nope: He was just a son of Dr. Noonien Soong we never knew about for some reason — a brand new character we had no time to get to know or care about before the season was over. Speaking of which…

    Even though she was only on the show briefly, I liked the character of Dahj. I wanted to see more of her. I wanted to see her form kind of a granddaughter/grandfather relationship with Picard. It would have been great if we had had a few episodes to get to know her. Her eventual death (assuming she had to be killed off at all for the story to work) would have been much more impactful. But nope: She was killed off almost immediately in what would be the beginning of a string of bizarre decisions for the show.

    I'll wrap up my comments by saying that the pacing was all over the place (from too much happening at once to not nearly enough happening for long stretches), most of the characters were hard to care about, Hugh should not have been killed off (he was one of the show's few bright spots), Jean Luc Picard didn't feel like Jean Luc Picard most of the time, and Seven of Nine was a completely different character rather than a natural evolution of the woman we knew on Voyager.

    EDIT: One positive thing I will say is that I was pleasantly surprised by newcomer Isa Briones. She played three characters over the course of this season, and she made all three feel like completely different people.

  3. Where's Chakotay? It will be written in to the next series of Star Drek Picard that he's in a homosexual mixed race/species relationship with Neelix and that they'll be opening a gay bar with Seven of Nine on the planet Queef.

  4. So they had Patrick Stewart live out the cliche progressive upper middle class western guilt fantasy – white saviour becomes a member of the oppressed. Just like Avatar.

    How sad. In the end both Picard and Xavier tranferred to new bodies.

  5. A black hole opens and something comes out of it? Mhm. Is it a Hollywood movie that comes out? That sounds a lot like Hollywood production process to me; an executive producer pulls down his pants, opens his black hole, and produces a steaming pile of fresh ideas (of doing what's been done before, but gender swapped).

  6. well the memo of what star trek, you know the real Rodenberry trek, is was littered in real trek episodes. for example the voyager episode where B'Elanna Torres is crashed on an alien planet with a pre industrial society and they have a play and ends with Rodenberry's description of trek. the gleaming cities of the federation, where peace reigns and hatred has no home…… that's not you is it cocksmith who delights in destroying what he describes as the small corner which in the real world is the entire existing fan base before he hijack someone's else's vision and talent like a social parasite with the sole intention of destroying it and replacing it with a cult self destroying ideology. of course it was also littered with the arrogance and false sense of self importance that cocksmith exudes. going on about how a performance can change the course of history, apparently even if cocksmiths political religion has already done decades worth of damage and created the shitty world that we are in in the first place… hey who maybe he will get round to reading the memo aka star trek lore and episodes some day.

  7. Listen to your review makes it pretty clear this isn't a sci-fi show anymore but plain fantasy with Romulan witches playing drums made out of children skins and drumsticks made of skulls to what? Appease the elder Gods?
    Space Cthulhu is coming bitches.

    I want Galactus to show up and digest every planet of Fake Trek. Probably gets diarrhea afterwards.

  8. It seems like they combined a couple seasons and plot lines into a single season. I can only imagine, if the rumors are correct, what the original screening had been before the reshoots.

  9. Hold on.. a mysterious beacon, massive fleet of ships, characters switching sides, clones, are you sure you didn't accidentally rewatch Rise of Palpatine?

  10. What young person is inspired to go into science or create something wonderful watching Picard?
    Picard is not Star Trek!

  11. It's all toxic fanbase this and anti she that until everyone hates the crap those clowns call "entertainment". Then they will play the victim card. Morons.

  12. Assuming that consciousness can be downloaded onto a file and inserted into a new body like this show did with Picard is utter nonsense and completely stupid! Heels versus Baby Face is a excellent You Tube channel!

  13. As one final insult when Riker showed up he shoulda been in drag and undergoing" trans therapy" haha.

  14. LoL, what a classic "interview". Did they actually talk to him, or did they just print out a copy of "The Article" and pretended it's what he said; you know the one, it's the same exact article, just rearranged a bit, that the shill media puts out every time.. "Toxic fans", "Vocal minority", "Russian Bots"..

  15. oh i so wish the technology existed to wipe memories after watching this disaster…..oh wait it does its call a bottle of whisky …….

  16. Oh my God I'm glad I didn't watch this trash. Again how are they going to get me to watch Discovery.

  17. WTF did I just watch. FFS they cant write a story for shite. Yeah a few moments but the whole Arc is just stupid. Again we have to have some political agenda in the show…. Such a shame – they had some good ideas but overall a fail.

  18. I think they hired a monkey as a writer. But they gave the monkey meth. Then threw that out and hired Alex Kurtsman.

  19. The difference is that 20 years later they still play TNG on T.V. 'Picard' will roll into the obsolete category along with Disney Star Wars.

  20. People thinking ratings and income still matter and thinking the fact these garbage is dog shit means there wont be season 2 + lol…awww….time to start getting it…. there motives at this stage of the game are not financial…..its ideological/ agenda above all financial gains/popularity period.


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