STAND MIXER REVIEW! | Which Home Stand Mixer is Best? | Cupcake Jemma: It’s here! Your promised Stand Mixer Review! We go in to some depth here, testing these models of stand mixer for you. We are not being sponsored by any of the brands so you can bet your butt we’ll be giving you impartial opinions so that you can make your own minds up. We’ve never done anything like this before but if you like it please let us know and maybe we’ll review some other kind of kitchen stuff (suggestions are welcome below!).

** This video was filmed before the Covid-19 crisis really kicked off. Rest assured we are all either self-isolating or staying 2 meters away from each other! Stay safe guys, wash your hands and practice social distancing like your life or the life of others depends on it…it kinda does **

In other news, please keep yourselves safe and active while you’re at home self-isolating or on lockdown! Baking is great therapy! We all want to thank you for your support during this very strange and difficult time. We have been overwhelmed with your well-wishes, your orders for CCJ merch and baking equipment and our Cupcake Baking Kits. You can find everything on my website ( and, for as long as we are able to, we will send out orders to you. Otherwise, don’t forget that there are LOADS of baking videos on this channel to keep you entertained. Even if you aren’t able to actually bake everything, you can store up your wish list for when everything returns to ‘normal’! Lots of love, Jemma and the gang xxx


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STAND MIXER REVIEW! | Which Home Stand Mixer is Best? | Cupcake Jemma

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  1. I have the white Kmix and I love it. Best Christmas present I’ve gotten. My kmix came with a 4th attachment with rubber edges that I use a lot (similar to the 4th attachment Jemma has but rubber both sides)

  2. Honestly, just love you guys. Great to see you having some fun and giving us some laughs in this apocalypse

  3. It's really a good video. I personally using the Bosch mixer which I got it free from purchasing hood, hob and oven for my new hse. No complain about it but kitchenaid was always my dream! Recently having a dilemma on getting a kitchenaid or Kmix. Guess my answer is clear. Kitchenaid and Kmix is about the same price in Singapore so no doubt I will be going with the kitchenaid! Thanks for the video! Love it!!

  4. Our first Kitchenaid was the Classic and it lasted a little over 40 years and was used 2-3 times a week. We now have the Artesian model, which has a larger bowl.

  5. I always stand in front of my kitchen aid when I’m using it-doing it that way the controls being on the side makes it more natural. I got my Artisan in Black for my birthday a couple of years ago-I recently bought their 7 cup food processor which I love as well. They may be higher in price but they make up for it in the durability.

  6. After lots of research I got myself a Kenwood K Mix. Kitchen aid had an amazing range of colours but price point wasn't right for me. K mix do have a beautiful Rose Gold but again it pushes the price up and I couldn't justify. I do love my k mix. The fold setting is so useful for many recipes and nothing is done by hand anymore because it copes with everything. I use mine only for Vegan baking which with things like meringues normally takes longer but this machine nails it. I really don't like the glass bowl for the same reasons mentioned in this review but it's nice to have an extra bowl. I bought an extra stainless steel one which I love and is so useful for double boiling for Swiss meringue or melting chocolate.
    Your review was so useful. I wish I'd known about the Aucma years ago when I started out as the price point is perfect for a beginner and still better than a hand mixer.

  7. 2nd KitchenAid mixer in 10 years. I am never buying KitchenAid again. I will buy the small commercial appliance mixer Costco is selling and hopefully it will last longer.

  8. My mum got a Kenwood for her wedding 30 years ago and it's still working! I just got a Kenwood too and I'm so happy with it, perfect for pizza dough, cookies and cakes 🙂 Love the comprehensive review!

  9. I've had both the classic (which my daughter still uses) and now the Artisan; and while they both work amazingly well, I'm sorry to say that the Kitchenaid hand mixer leaves much to be desired.

  10. This just solidifies why I need a kitchenaid haha. But I've been using a hand mixer gifted by my late aunt as a housewarming present and it has served me well all these years on very many baking projects. Maybe one day I will upgrade if I can afford it. Great job on reviewing everything from hardware to even the sound!

  11. Love that you did this , I have owned a Kitchenaid for about 7 years and I recently broke it… Gears broke. I make bread on a regular basis and some doughs are very machine struggled and over heated a bit when using it ( I had a professional 5 plus bowl lift ) I have seen where the wattage does not matter as much as the tork , but that information is not always available. I would love to know your thoughts on the bowl lift vs tilt head. I know on my bowl lift the clip that held the bowl still failed early on . I feel overwhelmed at times looking for a replacement…again thank you for this video I did wonder about other brands.

  12. Hi Jemma. I have a Kitchenaid too. We are on American voltage, 120v and it looks like your machine is mixing much faster than mine. I think what they may have done is leave the motors wound the same but with appropriate wire size for both voltages. This would mean that your mixer is spinning faster than mine because you are plugged into 240v.

    This would also explain why the K model has a slower speed: it is designed and the motor is built in Europe for 240v.

    My Kitchenaid, plugged into 120v is visibly spinning at a speed closer to the Kenwood.

    I am going to go get one of the scraper paddles!

    Thanks for the video!

  13. Absolutely love this video. I really enjoyed the fun interactions the 3 of you had doing the video together. Would love seeing more videos with you guys interacting. As always great content, great personalities, and great brand. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this crazy time.

    EDIT: And always, great recipes!!

  14. Hi, I do have a stand mixer but it's about 20yrs old, it doesn't incorporate well and also it only have one attachment which is the whisk.this is a problem when I want to use a dough/beater hook I always have to use my hand mixer which I don't necessarily want to use if I'm making a big dough/batter. I'm going to bake for quite a long time so i'm asking whether should I buy a new stand mixer or use the mixer that i have?

  15. In Brazil Kitchenaid and Kenwood have roughly the same price, and the other options on market are nowhere near their quality. So it's an investment that I want to do, but it will take a big effort and time.

  16. I had a Kmix before and I would say the one thing I really disliked about it was having to lock it in when. you put your bowl in … that was really annoying as sometimes I won't start and cause so much problems! I'm now super happy with my kitchen aid 🙂

  17. I've had my Kitchen Aid for 24 years, and it's still working perfectly. I taught both of my boys to make cookies in it. If it ever breaks, I will grieve for months (and take out a second mortgage on my house to buy another one).

  18. I'd love to bake and own either one of these mixers but most of all…. I want a friend right now. I miss my girls, my office mates.

  19. I have an Oster. It has a dial that goes from speed 1 to 12. Mine came with a plastic guard. I love using it when I need to say, slowly drizzle in an ingredient. At times it has also been a saver as far as slashes of liquid from going all over me and the counter, lol. I don't know how much it was though because my husband bought it for me as a gift. I've always wanted a Kitchen Aide but they're so expensive. I'm happy with mine. It gets the job done and that's all that matters to me….

  20. I wish you would have used your scraper paddle after the 3 of you did the test. I wanted to see if it actually scraped/mixed enough or would you still have to take a spatula to it at the end? Other than that this was a great video guys…

  21. few years back I bought one of the lift bowl kitchenaid pro mixers.. it was just so good but I have made a mistake by ordering it from the US which means a 120v and I need a powerful converter to step up to 220v which is a pain in the a$@! I used it maximum like 10 times in 8 years! now I am thinking of getting the tilt head artisan model as I am doing a lot more baking and this will cut off a lot of time and effort kneading by hand! Thanks for the review it just made me more confident in my choice!

  22. Love this vid… so useful the way you have shown how things work and run… thank you for the time and effort.
    I have an extremely old kenwood… given to me by my husbands grandma (used to be hers!) , she sadly passed last month at the age of 99 :(… it is extremely heavy and comes with all the mincing etc bits, that ive never used! Also came with a HEAVY glass bowl but thank goodness a plastic bowl as well… which I use. Find it works amazing even after all these years, especially making buttercream 🙂
    Doesn't have a guard though… which I really need… might try Googling to see if I can get one!

  23. I have the Kenwood K Mix but I have the previous model. It has a more retro look and I much prefer the look of it to the new one. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s been perfect for me, I use it a good few times a month, I make bread dough more than anything else and the motor seems to stand up well to that. I bought the scraper paddle and that’s perfect for creaming etc. I actually really like the glass bowl, I think the weight of it is worth it for the fact I can see everything that’s going on inside the mixer, but that’s personal preference. I have the mincer/sausage maker attachment and I love it. I got my mixer on a ridiculously good deal and paid £130 for it so to me it’s an absolute bargain.

    I do think the KitchenAid one is prettier but I wouldn’t trade mine for the world, I think I’m attached to it, I’m used to all the functions and how it works. The fact the KitchenAid doesn’t turn off if you lift the head up gives me anxiety, I feel like I would definitely injure myself on that 😂.

    The Aucma seems really decent for the money tbh, if I wasn’t bothered about attachments and didn’t use it that frequently I would definitely consider it!

    Thanks for the review, was great to watch.

  24. I’ve had 3 kitchenaid artisan mixers, one my parents got for me when I was still in school and living with them. Then I decided to leave it at their house when I moved out so that my mum could keep it (and I can use it when I’m over), a Tangerine one I bought on promo when I was in uni, and I have sold that because I got over the bright colour after about 7 years, and my husband bought me the 100 year limited edition one in misty blue with the white stainless steel bowl for my birthday last year. So yeah… I looooooooooove the Kitchenaid. The yellow one at mum’s house is now 14 years old and still works like brand new!


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