Self Made Netflix REVIEW: Self Made Netflix REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review 2020! Octavia Spencer is Madam CJ Walker! A’Lelia Walker!

Self Made Netflix REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and review of Episode 1 through 4 of Self Made aka the Madam CJ Walker movie on Netflix! Octavia Spencer, Blair Underwood and Tiffany Haddish as A’Lelia Walker! Share your own reaction before you watch each full episode of Self Made on Netflix in 2020! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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LeBron James – 00:00
Sure, But – 00:12
Knock Out – 1:07
Modern Audiences – 1:35
LGBT Harlem – 1:54
Octavia Spencer – 2:36
Carmen Ejogo – 3:30
Covers So Much – 3:48
Strong Male Characters – 5:01
End Credits – 6:00
Behind The Camera – 6:15
Conclusion – 8:02

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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Self Made Netflix REVIEW

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  2. I just realized my own personal highlights from 2020 was watching two Clipper games to get my Kawhi Leonard and Paul George bobblehead. That's it. I hate pretty much everything about this year.

  3. The one movie I think LeBron will do well in is a remake of House Party. Forget the next Space Jam, LeBron's mouth is like Richard Pryor. I think comedy is where LeBron will shine in with his production company.

  4. People think I hate LeBron but I don't. LeBron was my 2nd favorite player of all-time for a good 10 YEARS! I was already rooting for him in high school! But I've been a Clippers fan since 1992. I have to hate anybody on the Lakers.

  5. While I do agree that you should have voices from the group(s) your representing involved in the production I also think it is important not to type cast those people. What I mean to say here is that not EVERYONE involved with these types of productions HAS to be from the group(s) being shown EVERY single time. Yes female directors, screen writers, producers, etc. CAN add to a female lead story BUT they could also bring a lot to a male lead film. Anymore Hollywood seems to be like "Female lead film? Better get a female director &/or screen writer" & then they (directors, writers, etc.) are stuck doing those films. Everyone talks about Debroah Chow for Captain Marvel 2 or Gotham City Sirens but why not Green Lantern, Nightwing, Fantastic 4, or any other NON-FEMALE lead film? The same thing with talent of color. Everyone jumps on "Ryan Coogler should direct (insert black superhero movie)" but why not let him (or other talent of color) work on a Man of Steel 2, Nightwing, Supergirl, Star Trek, or any other film that doesn't have a black man as the lead?

  6. Thanks, Grace, you've convinced me to continue watching! I gave up halfway during the first episode due to the quality of the directing and set design (but was genuinely intrigued by the subject matter). Now I know what to expect with the rest of the show and back on board 🙂

  7. We need movies like this as well as movies which accurately shows how a lot of inventions by black people

  8. You know what Grace I was totally doubtful about watching it, but NOW it's on my "stay home" list⁦👆🏻⁩😉

  9. octavia spencer truly is a talented force in every project she's in. self made was such a great netflix product i hope a lot more people see it!

  10. Hey Grace, I was able to see this show film in St. Catharines, Ontario! It was really neat to see a production as we normally don't get much filming activity! I am currently watching the show now and am quite enjoying it (as well as seeing the city look like 1910)

  11. Hey Grace love the show are you doing a review on The Banker as well with Sam Jackson and Anthony Mackie on Apple TV?

  12. Really loved Ransom and his wife. I would love to see a spin off of his life. Also, we knew Booker T was such an asshole!!!

  13. More glorifying of a criminal with a extreme historical inaccuracies. Reminds one of the nineties

  14. Hey Grace….maybe the insurance company would not let Octavia ride the bike for financial reasons….lest the Oscar winner break something…because as you said riding a bike in along skirt can't be easy.


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