Run the Jewels – "Ooh LA LA" TRACK REVIEW: The song:


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Run the Jewels - "Ooh LA LA" TRACK REVIEW

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  1. Personally, I feel that this track is a step down from yankee and the brave ep 4. The Greg Nice sample was really never meant to be repeated in the way it is throughout the choruses and the outro. Listening to the original this is pretty apparent. And yes, samples can be used and repeated in good ways, I just didn't find the way they applied the line here to be enjoyable at all. The verses by Mike and El-P are fantastic, and I really liked the Batman bars in Mike's second verse. There were undoubtedly great moments and segments in this song, but whenever the Ooh la la section came back around I just found myself waiting for something to actually happen, as it really feels like it adds no substance to the song. The fact that it takes up nearly two fifths of the entire track doesn't help. The piano loop in the beat is really nice, and it adds an interesting tone that I think lifts up the song substantially. Bottom line; the Greg Nice Ooh La La sample becomes mundane and tedious after hearing it for the third time, and you have to sit through it 24 more times to consume the entire piece. That drags down what otherwise would've been a fantastic single with some great bars.

  2. anthony, can you please stop coming to my school in a white van with "free candy" on the side of it, while creepily staring at the kids going into buses. it was funny the first time, but its starting to get really creepy, and i think a few kids went missing.


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