Rising crisis update: Cases surge, Trump signals pivot, experts explain how to end lockdown: Krystal and Saagar give an update on coronavirus case numbers, the economic stimulus bill, and delve into a NYT contributor’s case to end the lockdown soon.

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Rising crisis update: Cases surge, Trump signals pivot, experts explain how to end lockdown

Author by: The Hill



  1. 6:47 Actually, there seems to be evidence that the virus can last for two weeks (or more) on surfaces, so it's closer to 4 weeks perfect shutdown required.

  2. if your a low wage worker in america .. stay home .only the wealthy will be tested helped .. we will see the stimulus go to corporations making money is not worth death

  3. Even if you’re young or not as much of a risk, just quarantine yourself. You could potentially kill someone’s loved ones: grandparents, babies, those with autoimmune diseases, etc. Don’t be selfish.

  4. Orwellian indeed. Sounds like a bit of a set up. But first we need to get through this, we then kick some ass!

  5. What you guys are talking about is really…..how do I put this….? important….dangerous….familiar in some strange way.

  6. Love your coverage and content. On a different subject, you do not look you are 2 meters(6 feet) apart, which is the advice here in France.

  7. I have stayed in most of the past three weeks, as much as i could. it was hard as i was needing a new place to live. Well, stayed in lots, but I have been self isolating for nine days with a bad cough and definitely it is a lung or windpipe infection. Wheezy!

  8. 4:00 Saagar- so we should accept direct phone surveillance to check for quarantine violations? Like you can't possibly leave your phone at home and still go out!? I'm against such measures, once introduced they're hard to stop.

  9. So this is how it will go. A total lockdown with pressure to open up as quickly as possible. Government listens,, opens up virus flairs again and we go through it a second time. What should happen is a lockdown. Everyone tested until no cases arise. Once we open again anyone entering the country is tested. Any nation still having cases is barred from flying passengers to america

  10. I feel sorry for you guys. I mean. While everyone is debating healthcare, here you are. I’ve never felt so lucky to be an Australian

  11. What I'm about to say will hurt and offend, but there is a kernal of truth to a stereotype.
    South Korea's response to this crisis is so good because of the culture of importance of studying the STEM fields. Think about all of those people doing the tests and analysis.
    They didn't study Political Science, Gender Studies, Social Justice, etc, like we do here.

  12. 14 days of distancing won’t do it. That infected cruise ship docking in LA had hot surface virus 17 full days l8r 😷

  13. Nobody:
    Saagar: we need a full lock down and government surveillance of our phones location and criminal penalties. Basically full fascism


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