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but can you imagine if this was a sponsored video ahhahahahahahaa




Author by: Allana Davison



  1. Girlio! The colour looks awesome against your eye colour! I wouldn't be able to get my makeup to look that good if I tried! ❤️

  2. I've been dying to recreate an all over matte lilac look!! It's hard to find a lilac with pigment and decent blend ability. I appreciate you sharing this look despite the outcome! It's nice to see youtubers acknowledge not every look is going to come out perfectly.

  3. I honestly don’t think it looked that bad at all! Especially when you were in natural lighting! It looked really good!!

  4. Honestly I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as you see it—we’re always our own harshest critic (well, us and the trolls on social media). I liked the look, who cares if it isn’t perfect! I think we’ve all been experimenting with makeup during this isolation period to pass the time; I legit hid my face from my husband the other day when he popped into my room because my eye makeup was seriously terrifying. 😬👍🏻

  5. You’re too hard on yourself! You look lovely! You can pull off any look, patchy or otherwise! Be kind to yourself! Xx

  6. Hi Allana, that Natasha denona eyeshadow palette formula was a disaster. It wasn’t on par with their usual formula. That palette overall was extremely patchy. If you want to reattempt this look I would suggest the new Huda beauty matte and metal melted double ended liquid eyeshadow in the shade French Lace & Diamond Drip. The matte shadow is incredible and very buildable. Don’t buy a whole other palette just to recreate this. Trust me. Love you!

  7. Not a waste of time, it's nice to see that we all have struggles – don't worry about it. I would love to see you do this again with the other palette.

  8. the description section is HILARIOUS! Also you never give yourself enough credit! you are absolutely gorgeous!you are one of the few "influencers" out there who still keep it real and are transparent! Love you!

  9. Yay Allana!! Love watching your videos! Hope that you and your family & followers stay healthy. For now I don't feel comfortable buying beauty or non-essentials on-line. The truckers and warehouse workers are overworked and stressed. I'd rather not stress them further with non-essentials as we need truckers & warehouse workers to help the health industry stay stocked.

  10. You are amazing, don’t be so hard on yourself! 😍 Thank you so much for making my days better🙏🏼😃

  11. Hahahahhaha love this!! So raw and true!
    Lilac is almost always patchy af, never tried the JSC tho

  12. okay, you totally crack me up. honestly, even when a look doesn't come together, i love the video just b/c you're so real about everything.

  13. Nikki _ Makeup at instagram left the lavender tutorial at her stories as spring lilac <3 you are too hard on yourself Allana

  14. Pls buy the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Pallete! It's incredible! Literally the best colorful shades I have ever used in my life, it could very well be the only colourful pallete you need in your collection it's that good! I would love to see you try his formula for eyeshadow and just his products in general.

  15. Allana, the eyeshadow look didn't turn out as bad as you think. Maybe the eye primer was the culprit. Think positive! You are fabulous!! ❣️ It's only makeup. I have been looking for your video where you applied makeup for glass wearers from years ago. Did you take it down? That's the video that caused me to subscribe to your channel. 💜

  16. Thanks for posting this even though you didn't love it! I think the idea and colour still looked great, and seeing you be human makes you even more relatable than you already are

  17. Let’s have a fun little moment. You are so cute. YES ALWAYS SUPPORT LOCAL AND SMALL. Even makeup with Indie brands. You are THE CUTEST EVA!! I want the fresh lip goodies. Ha ha love the look. Yes please

  18. Haha I wouldn’t have noticed the patchiness if you didn’t point it out ! Thought it look very springy ! ❤️

  19. Natasha really DID that to you😭😭😭it’s not your fault. Also, the reason you do this is for us to take inspiration for how we can do similar looks. Thanks you sharing the vid still. You know you got some us still dying to do a purple eye look now 😂

  20. I’ve found that my shadow looks like crap-ola when I use Nars eyeshadow base. I know it works beautifully for a lot of people and they love it but maybe it doesn’t work w your chemistry?


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