PZ9 Vs Chad Wild Clay Spy Ninja Kickbump in Minecraft Tutorial: PZ9 Vs Chad Wild Clay Spy Ninja Kickbump in Minecraft Tutorial

The Latest Project Zorgo and Spy Ninja News:
After Chad Wild Clay made the video “LAST TO BREAK NEW YEARS RESOLUTION WINS $10,000 Challenge – Spending 24 Hours PZ9 vs SPY NINJAS!”, Vy Qwaint created “SPY NINJAS REVEAL SECRETS to PZ9 Competing in Trivia Challenges YouTube Rewind Game Remembering 2019”, and Daniel uploaded “FACE REVEAL of PZ9 MELVIN – Spending 24 Hours Unmasking a Project Zorgo Member Spy Ninjas Challenge” to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, they quizzed PZ9 with Spy Ninja trivia, made him do fruit ninja soda chopping, walk across the plank in an underwater pool challenge, show off his ninja moves, and he won the game! Now we will see Melvin’s face for the first time! He did a face reveal and unmasked himself! He is almost a Spy Ninja but we need to put him through more challenges first. Like a Lie Detector Test! He still has some mysterious secrets he is hiding but exposed the truth and I think it’s safe to say we trust him! PZ9 is now a member of the Spy Ninjas and can live in the safe house with Chad, Vy, Daniel and Regina! After our New Years Resolutions, Vy decided to start an aerobics training fitness program live stream! We call it Vyrobics. She was very nervous and Daniel used his laptop to help out. But Project Zorgo took over all the electronics in Las Vegas and Daniel was captured. He was taken! Where is he? And why are Project Zorgo taking top secret hidden documents? So, to celebrate PZ9 (Melvin) becoming a permanent Spy Ninja, me and Red Ninja have made a giant PZ9 and Chad Wild Clay doing a kickbump in Minecraft and will show you guys how to make them too! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

Make sure you check out Red Ninja’s video to make Chad Wild Clay in Minecraft here!

PZ9 Vs Chad Wild Clay Spy Ninja Kickbump in Minecraft Tutorial

Author by: The Meg and Mo Show