Pond Monster Caught Building Nest in Sharer Fam House!!! (How to get it out?): Pond Monster Built Nest in House

You saw in Grace Sharer last vlog “EXTREME Hide and Seek with Mystery Neighbor Ellen (Clues Found on Lost Sharerghini)” Grace Sharer was playing a game of EXTREME HIDE AND SEEK with ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Grace Sher was searching around the entire Sharer Fam house for the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR and couldn’t find her. She even ran into like TWIN BROTHER Stephen Sharer who helped to SEARCH FOR MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Grace grabbed her SPY GADGETS to try and capture her. The security camera spotted Ellen heading to the garage where the Share The Love Sharerghini was located. In Grace Sharer BRAND NEW vlog for 2020, Grace Sharer is telling the Sharers that she was sad that the sharerghini was STOLEN by the POND MONSTER. The sharghini was the first share the love car and was purchased by brothers Stephen Sharer and Carter Sharer. Grace Sher has to figure out how to get the car back from the pond monster so she develops a TOP SECRET MISSION to hunt down the Lamborghini. Grace Shar hears a noise in the Share The Love Merch Store and ends up SPOTTING THE POND MONSTER who snuck inside the Sharer fam house and built a nest. Watch today’s vlog for the HIDDEN CLUES about the POND MONSTER!!

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Pond Monster Caught Building Nest in Sharer Fam House!!! (How to get it out?)

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