Poco X3 NFC Review | Best Value Phone of 2020 (so far…): Review of Xiaomi’s Poco X3 NFC, the best phone on a £200 budget so far in 2020, with a full test of the camera tech, gaming chops and everyday experience. I’ve been using the Poco X3 as my full-time smartphone for a week and here’s my verdict on this great value blower, which is mid-range in all but asking price.

First up, this is the pilot handset for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 732G platform which is great for apps and even games. PubG, CoD Mobile and other top Android titles play with a perfect frame rate on top detail levels. I’m also a fan of the camera, championed by a very capable 64MP lens which shoots good looking photos and 4K video.

That IPS display boasts the same punchy, powerful output as an OLED panel, with 120Hz refresh support on top. Incredible performance given the Poco X3 NFC’s budget cost. And Xiaomi has really improved the software thanks to MiUI 12, topped here with the Poco Launcher, for a very satisfying experience.

Battery life is good if not as strong as some rivals, and overall I struggle to find fault with this X3 smartphone. Especially given that low price. That’s why I included it in my round-up of my favourite affordable devices of 2020.

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Poco X3 NFC Review | Best Value Phone of 2020 (so far...)

Author by: Tech Spurt – source: https://blogtubez.com/