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In this video, we’re going to show you how to plaster a wall using nothing more than sand and cement. This is internal plastering which means that the process is slightly different from working outside.

This is a very good video for anyone who’s serious about learning the art of plastering. This is the old school way of plastering and as the American’s call it, we’re using Stucco, which is sand cement mixed with water.

In this video, I’ll show you:

– The best tools to use for the job
– The best way to mix the render indoors
– The 2 coat system which guarantees results in plastering
– The #1 reason why it’s best to do the whole process in 1 day
– The best way to plaster with sand cement render (Stucco)
– The art of getting your walls completely flat and plumb
– The most important part to any wall in plastering

And many, many more tips and tricks. This is a mammoth tutorial coming in at a beastly 30 Minutes, packed to the rafters with useful hints and tips.

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