Picture Perfect Taper- Barber TUTORIAL: Step-by-step tutorial on how to execute a “Picture-Perfect Taper” haircut with a #2 on top.

Tools: Wahl Magic cordless clippers, clipper comb, PDR Fade blade, ES3 modified blade ll, Andis T-outliner, Topikk Hair-building fibers, note card, hairspray, straight razor, foil shaver.

Requirements: Attention to detail.

PDR Fade blade: https://www.3versince.com/products/pdr-fade-blade


1. Guide-line overview.

2. Guide-line flow.

3. Corner fading.

4. Clipper control.

5. Finger measurement tool (ensure proper guide-line length.)

6. Lever positions (corresponding to 3 reference points.)

9. Dissipating length.

10. Hair fiber application technique (Enhancement).

11. Dry-razor shave.

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To Your Success!

– Enrique Tapia (Aztroo) & the team at 3versince.com.

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Picture Perfect Taper- Barber TUTORIAL

Author by: 3versince Support



  1. Def good job on explaining things for the new barbers starting out and great job on the taper!! Only issue I saw was at the end of the video his line up was def not even and it needed to get touched up on the clients left side…

  2. Excellent work my man !!! Quick question how good are those ceramic blades is it a big difference compare to stock blades do they cut smoother ?

  3. I’ve seen a lot of good videos online, but this is #1. You explain how to create the outline, you point out dark spots, and you emphasize on touchups while still pointing out what you’re doing. If I can’t cut a taper after this, then there’s something wrong with me!

  4. What’s up Bro just uploaded a Tutorial check it out and let me know what you think about it! Thank you bro!!!! 🔥💈💈💈

  5. It's more of a taper fade but none the less perfectly executed. You do a great job teaching your methods bro 👊💯

  6. Brooo your fades r blurry af n they come out super clean. Do a video on on the trimmers n clippers u have n how u modified them. Please n thankyou

  7. I’m a fresh barber man but I’ve watched A LOT of tutorials. EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that you do is so informational and good to understand!! Thank you for all of it man and PLEASE keep it up!! I do have a question. Which fade blade do you prefer: the pdr or the spx? I’ve got the spx blade but I was just wondering.


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