OnePlus 8 Pro – A Long Term User Review: The OnePlus 8 Pro has been in our hands for over 4 months now so its time for a long term review. Over that time the OnePlus 8 Pro updates have rolled out and the OnePlus Nord was launched but the Nord’s availability was limited to regions outside North America. But the OnePlus 8 might be the best smartphone of 2020 not due to one feature but because everything from camera performance, to battery life and screen quality is flagship worthy. And believe it or not, the OnePlus 8 has only gotten better with time.

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0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Design & Build Quality
2:36 – OnePlus 8 Pro Display & Issues
4:49 – Fingerprint Sensor
6:03 – Speakers
6:36 – OnePlus 8 Pro Specs & Performance
7:19 – OxygenOS Software
8:09 – Battery Life
10:33 – OnePlus 8 Pro Cameras
13:15 – Video Cameras
13:59 – Conclusion

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OnePlus 8 Pro - A Long Term User Review

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