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I tested it. I talked to it. I shot it. I shot with it. I even broke it. The only thing I didn’t do with one of last year’s most important Android phones … was review it.

While it’s not the budget gangbuster of the sort that made its maker famous … if you’re shopping Androids at the top of 2020, the OnePlus 7T should still be near the top of your list. Join me for the long-delayed OnePlus 7T Review!



MrMobile’s OnePlus 7T Review was produced after five months with two OnePlus 7T review samples provided by OnePlus. The units were tested on Verizon and T-Mobile in Boston MA, Brooklyn NY and points between. The lone sponsor of this video is Tech21; neither OnePlus nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.


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OnePlus 7T Review: Six Months Later, Still The One

Author by: MrMobile [Michael Fisher]



  1. 0:35 I think you haven't heard about MI 9T pro (aka Redmi K20 pro)

    Snapdragon 855 for $350. It's my daily driver and it's a BEAST.

  2. It’s the only android phone I’d consider switching to from my iPhone X… but I’ve gotten accustomed to wireless charging.. I can go back. 🙂

  3. I purchased 7t on November end and got only 1 update after that so basically oneplus is not even giving bi monthly security updates as promised. But sd855 plus is way better to shitty exynos and I am getting 7hrs of sot with 90hz. That's the best part.

  4. Forgot the most important one, it is the stereo speaker. Why many manufactures can't do this? and the form factor is just so easy to hold. coming from oneplus 7 pro user. but the 7T is a very compelling device. Easy recommendation as the OS is basically boosted vanilla android.

  5. I love mine too! It fell out of my back pocket within the first month though. Was sitting in a chair and, being the very tall phone it is, slipped out onto the floor. Cracked the back like crazy.

    Now I'm covering the cracked glass with the pack-in OEM case, but the cracks have still spread and become much worse. Yikes! Those Tech21 cases look nice though. Miiiight grab me one!

    But yes, great phone. I came to it from Moto Z2 Play seeking uncompromised performance. The phone does not disappoint, and the bugs have mostly been whittled away by the updates.

  6. I think Samsung S10 lite is a better option than the 7T (apart from the back glass, although it's lighter)

  7. Watching this on my 7T. Easily the best phone purchase decision I made, everything about it is so fast and smooth. OxygenOS is well optimized, lightweight while still retaining useful features. The only things it's lacking are wireless charging and 3.5mm jack.
    I also love the alert slider, I wish more phones had it.

  8. Having owned Samsungs, LGs, an iPhone and even a Nexus 4 back in the day, I can say without a doubt that the Onelkus 7t is my best phone yet! I'm not going back to those other ones; maybe I'll try a Pixel next time, but only if they sell it at the right price

  9. Mike thankyou for another great video refreshing and lifted my spirits during this epidemic .
    OnePlus is doing a give away any advice on video I have to do to standout against the competition

  10. I like my 7t bought it at launch. And you can't go wrong with a tech21 case I've been using for awhile.

  11. I've heard that both tge 7t and the PRO, have screen flickering issues that irritates ur eyes while reading pdfs, have u noticed that?

  12. I have the Oneplus 5T, and I love it except for the camera. It is atrocious, and was considerably worse than my earlier Nexus 5X, despite that phone being over 2 years older. It is this reason alone that holds me back from a Oneplus again. Hopefully the Oneplus 8 can address this.

  13. Saw the new generation iPad on the table. Expecting new video soon during quarantined. By the way nice wrist watch. May I know the name.

  14. You review sums up really precisely what I'm feeling with my 7T. It's the best phone I ever had, very consistent, extremely fast and reliable, and you notice the quality as soon as you take it in your hands.

  15. The 7 pro has all these things and a better screen…the 7t does, however have the macro lens (I think that's what it's called) so you can get closer to objects to take pictures.

  16. 7:117:14 From what I've looked at, it DOES use software to kinda do some guesswork but there are also pictures of the phone's front display where what appears to be an IR light around the right closer to the center, between where the play button and next vid button would be for YouTube in portrait orientation. Teardowns of the phone too show that there are two small holes in the midframe showing the display layer as well which tells me that it most likely uses that hardware anyways but it doesn't go through since there's a honkin' screen in front of it.

  17. I use tech 21 cases and yes, they are quality AF, I've dropped my phone a few times and no damage at all

  18. Watching on my OnePlus 7T
    It has been 5 months using this and it is as good as new.
    And i am a heavy user


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