One Piece Chapter 975 Review "Kin'emon: Master Tactician": Thoughts on the some of the new faces we see as part of the rebellion and their importance in the overall battle?

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One Piece Chapter 975 Review "Kin'emon: Master Tactician"

Author by: Tekking101



  1. Okay so I totally forgot Lola was a thing and thought that Gotti was such a low profile that even chiffon didn't even know he was on the ship

  2. Maybe Sanji's new gloves has the Raid Suit incorporated. He did want Usopp and Franky to redo it to some degree for Soba Mask.

  3. Those gloves clash with your jacket too much to look cool. Personally, I would have gone with thin, white gloves to compliment it (like a magician) over the biker gloves. Just because they're the same color does not make it cool.

    I don't want Carrot to officially join YET! In order to fit with the pattern of which character joins in the New World, I want Vivi to join before Carrot.

    Here is the One Piece plot pattern: East Blue, Paradise, then New World. Here is the Mugiwara recruitment pattern for the first two areas, in order of recruitment: heroically noble monster, beautiful and shady woman with infiltration skills and delayed official joining, creator with comic relief, and high-status pervert found on an artificial island.

    We all know which Straw Hats fit the bill for East Blue and Paradise, so let's talk about New World recruits: Jimbei fits the "heroically noble monster" archetype like a glove because he not only sounded like a villain when we first heard about him (much like Zoro and Chopper), but he also acts as a voice of reason for Luffy; that leaves the last three archetypes.
    For the beautiful, shady, and intelligent woman with infiltration skills and a delayed joining, Carrot does not fit here, let alone have anything in common with Nami or Robyn. As a result, she can't join at the moment until at least some lady joins to fulfill that role. Honestly, Vivi fills it perfectly because she's beautiful, she shows intelligence, albeit naively (hence the running gag of waiting until the danger's their to warn others), and she was first introduced as a spy in Baroque Works.
    As for Carrot, she has more in common with the "comical creator" archetype since she draws in a funky way; Usopp and Franky also create things which end up being funny. She was also introduced antagonistically by attacking Zoro, similar to how Usopp was introduced trying to scare the Straw Hats and how Franky entered the plot by stealing money from Usopp.
    As for the "pervert with high status found on an artificial island" the candidate could be either Kin'émon (our master planner 😂) or Momonosuke.

  4. Now that BIG NEWS! Morgans has an interest in Luffy my money's on him having some kind of agent spying on him and all this crap is going to spill out into the wider world

  5. You know, I can't help but think Yasuie is looking down on this in complete agreement with Kinemon

  6. What if usopp and franky change the entire raid suit too make it a tuxedo instead og it being like the germa raid suit

  7. Such a funny chapter. Next chapter, Law goes, "such a great plan Kin'emon, you had us there for a moment, and of course Kanjuro being surprised at this moment was your plan all allong. I just have to open a room and bring him in front of you to face justice!" and Kin is like: "Damn right, please do so Law-dono".

  8. Holy shit, I went to the toilet for a few minutes stopped the video of course and as I came back I watched on the screen and holy fuck do these gloves change appearance, it looks gorgeous

  9. Honestly Matt, I think what's happening is that Yasu came up with this plan knowing that Kin would interpret it this way and maybe told a select few the true meaning and so Kinemon is there like: "dohhhh, it actually meant ha-to….?"

  10. The Hato/Wharf being mentioned is still in Habu port, it is in fact BESIDE the Habu port(shown in the chapter when orochi is on his boat at Habu port preparing to go to Oni). Take note that the meeting time will be late in the afternoon so they have to hide somewhere so that they wouldn't be seen by Orochi and Orochi's men, so in the viz translation, Denjiro said that they are HIDING behind the maple forest somewhere around habu port, along the Hato/Wharf which is the favorite place of Lord Yasuie. Just saying. 😊


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