"Ocean Eyes" Piano Tutorial (Billie Eilish): Download the FREE lead sheet here:

If you haven’t heard, Billie Eilish is a superstar!

Winning a total of 5 grammy’s, she is a powerhouse pop artist.

Now you can learn how to play her song “Ocean Eyes” and make yourself the popstar you’ve always wanted to be, minus the fame of course.

Here’s a quick look:

– The only 3 chords: 0:42
– Adding your left hand: 1:20
– Adding your voice: 2:04
– Chorus: 2:30
– Just a recap: 3:16
– Final thoughts: 4:18

This song has so many options for beginners and for more advanced players.

With such a simple chord pattern, you can add trills, rolls or just keep it simple and it will still sound fantastic!

Let me know how practicing this song goes, I can’t wait to hear about it in the comments!

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"Ocean Eyes" Piano Tutorial (Billie Eilish)

Author by: Pianote