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Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja. A sequel to Nioh, does this follow up continue and improve on the original forumla? Find out!

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Nioh 2 - Rapid Fire Review

Author by: AngryJoeShow



  1. Dude, please. You're spoiling the story, a heads up would be nice next time.
    Also, did you record this with a camera or something? The footage looks awful!
    I'm sorry, but I've come to expect a certain quality standard from this channel. This does not meet that at all.

  2. Yeah to point this out, the story of the game relies on common Japanese Knowlegde, its based on the Rise and fall of Oda Nobunaga. Japans most (in)famous warlord and how he was betrayed by his right hand man, his castle set on fire and trapped inside it

    im not an expert on this part of thier history , i just know the bare basics of it but I still followed what was happening fine

  3. Joe better be reviewing Animal Crossing or Doom 2. This is a 3A you'd think it'd be an Angry review. wtf. No offense to Del.

  4. The Structure of this review was all over the place & seemed like you spoke off the dome. While i agree with most of your points i wont say the graphics are the same. Maybe at first glance but they improved alot compared to Nioh 1 & there is more variety as well. But you cant rly tell this at all from the video since the footage is horrible. You guys should definitly get a decent capture card or change the record settings. It looked like somebody filmed the TV at some point which i know it wasnt the case but for a channel that is mostly doing reviews there is especially room for improvement here.

  5. Allllllsoo expiditions are meant for 1 thing only. A difficult coop experience unlike the base game . In expiditions enemy placement, damage dealt ,damage taken are all increased . Its not meant to be a first time coop play through. It's meant for vets or challenge. I dont get how people review games without knowing how half the games mechanics work.

  6. Also you living weapon is still in the game lol what u talking about . U turn into a yokai and ur weapon is your living weapon , same attacks and all as first game. Also yokai shift is just as bad as spirit weapon from the first game until u put points into it. Idk if it's been awhile since u played 1 but the time lasts almost the same time as nioh 1 when first starting

  7. 8 out of 10 when the story is nonsensical, and multiplayer is broken? Fanboy much? This game doesn't deserve more than a 6, come on!

  8. As stated in other comments the story of Nioh 2 predates Nioh 1 and it is based on the Sengoku Jidai of Japan. (like 80% of Japanese games for some reason, is either that or a retelling of "journey to the west" or sometimes the Yamato no Orochi legend.. Over and over again). Without having played the game pretty sure that monkey boy is Hideyoshi Toyotomi.. My point being that to any Japanese person or weeaboo it is so obvious an explanation would have been forced and boring. Imagine for an American playing a game about the civil war and having someone explain Abraham Lincoln and why he was killed.

  9. I'm not 100% on this since I haven't played, but based on what you said of the story (especially the Nobunaga part which sounds like the Honnō-ji Incident where Nobunaga set fire to his temple so no one could claim his head) I think the devs are working under the assumption that players already know a bit of Japanese history (which most if not all of the Japanese audience would of course).

    It's not exactly uncommon as the warring states period is pretty famous around the world.

  10. I cant stand this guy talking, the bearded (fat) one. Ok, i have to admit, only listen to him, instead of seeing him, is at least a little bit better.

    but sorry, he looks so grose, i cant take him serious.

  11. Was at a friends place and we played the whole game together via multiplayer, no issues at all compared to Nioh 1 it was a bliss. We finished every mission and the whole game in 90 hours ! 90 HOURS for a single run, yes we farmed a little bit and tested stuff but even without that and character creation Nioh 2 campaign clocks in 80hours. That is insane for a mostly single player game with end game beeing only grinding the shit out of like 3 missions and build the perfect most op builds in the game and oneshotting everything left and right.

    I was pretty disappointed with the copy paste talent trees for the weapons and the extremely weak demon forms and horrible guardian spirits. Maybe thats what team ninja had in mind to not allow players to break the game easily but i think they went way too far.

    Ninja build becomes obsolete in late game, Omyo magic still useless for damaging yokai, debuffs durations are connected to how many points you spent in Magic and the overall weapon mastery system is confusing und seriously awful, i played 90 hours with one weapon and barely had the points to do the Master dojo mission for that quest ?! Its insane how slow you earn points to spend on weapon talents, which are the core of the game.

    But after all i enjoyed my time in Nioh 2 campaign, will i spend again 1000+ hours on perfecting builds ? I dont think so, in the current state there is no real reason to to it, lacking spirits, garbage demon forms and pretty weak yokai abilites, nerfed armor sets from Nioh 1 dont give me the abilities to even make a good NG+ set to quickly charge through the bosses to endgame even tho NG+ is way easier than in Nioh 1 where every mini enemy would oneshot you. ( multiplayer is NG+ in NG just for comparison)

    For me a 7/10 game but i hope they buff yokai forms and spirits and armors

  12. This story is 5x better than nioh 1 lol idk what del talking about. If u think 1s story is better than this ur high and obviously not paying attention

  13. is it just the video, or is the light and bloom really this oversaturated in the game…its painful to me, makes it hard to see what is going on

  14. Considering how slow the game releases have been as of late, I'm surprised that Joe isn't doing a full review of Nioh 2. I know he's currently working on Doom, considering how popular Nioh was, I'm surprised he wouldn't do a full-fledged review for the sequel.

  15. Yokai shift got nerfed Into the ground because in the first nioh living weapon was the only viable build really past new game+3 or way of the wise as it was called and it was just stupidly broken where’d you would just one shot every boss and the timer on it last forever by just using 2 spells which were also nerfed in this game

  16. 2 things. 1. I don't know how you had no lag or latency especially rn, I gave up on summoning friends because of how much lag I would deal with. 2. I have no clue what you're talking about with the yokai form, the way you talk about it makes me feel like you're simply misusing it. I save that for whenever I'm in a bind and it pretty much acts as a get out of jail free card allowing me to just slaughter everything, including bosses, that get in my way.
    Edit: One more thing actually. I kinda disagree with what you said about the story, the opening cutscenes makes it pretty clear that your character is searching for the person who killed their family, however, I feel they could've added something like a journal that describes how you got to where you are, just put that in the little house at the start. As for the rest of the story I agree, they base it off of Japanese history but skip some parts and don't explain what's going on. They could've had specific characters do minor exposition dumps at those times to explain why something like the fire at the oda house happened.

  17. Dell needs to start his own channel as he is very knowledgeable about games and has gotten good at reviews. It's painful to see someone like him condemned to a corner on some assholes channel, while everyone else is at the fucking movies without him.

  18. I don't like that the MC isn't voice acted like everybody else, but I will add some praise for the story. The plot of Nioh 2 is rewarding for those familiar with lore around the warring Japanese states or have extensive background with the Samurai Warrior games. Nioh 2 is essentially an alternate history origin story for Hideyoshi Toyotomi, which when you realize that makes the first acts of the game all the better. I'm barely into act 3, but I can't wait to get deeper into the tale.


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