Nike KD 13 Review/First Impression!: The Nike KD 13 has leaked! Here is my review/first impression on them.

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Nike KD 13 Review/First Impression!

Author by: JAHRONMON



  1. In my opinion, it looks good. If you look closely the traction pattern of the kd13 is like the pg13 so I think it will be an average shoe in the hardwood.

  2. I think that the silhouette of the new kd is like a low top version of the 12s it's the same thing Nike did with 9s and 10s. It lacks originality.

  3. The 12's were awesome, don't know why they had to mess with the 13's so much. They ain't pretty.

  4. Keep in mind that the shoe is made mainly for the player and he's coming off a foot injury; so it's gonna be more to his comfort.
    Keep up the gr8 work ✌

  5. Hey JAHRONMON! A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I saw some leaked images of the "D.O.N. Issue #2" from adidas. I was wondering if you have seen this and if you thing those are the real ones. Cause they where a pair of very ugly looking shoes in my opinion. Your thoughts if you may… and stay safe man!

  6. Nice kicks wow amazing. God bless and keep safe watching here in the Philippines. And shout out thank you very much.

  7. Ola! Do you know what sneaker Jamal Murray wears in his last couple of games this season (Brigitte yellow onze). Also … Why is any basketballshoe from Q4 not tested like you did for New Balance Omn1s. Bases on your video’s it’s safe to say your advice is usefull. Keep it going! 💪🏽

  8. You have these very comprehensive reviews in every shoes man.. Salute to you.. Keep safe.. More power.. One of your fan here in Philippines..🙂

  9. Nah it reminds me of those air maxes that Nike had Anthony Davis wear during his later Pelican years.

  10. I expected already that the 13s gonna sit a little bit high and with improved cushioing since KD’s having bad injuries on his legs recently.

  11. When I first saw these they reminded me of the Nike Blue Chip II’s. I know KD used to PE the blue chips back in the day, maybe an inspiration ?

  12. I think the Kd 13 looks decent. On-court, I’d hoop in them no problem but would not rock them with pants whatsoever. Looks wise, the Kd 12 is better. Performance wise? Who knows.

  13. Do you think they are budget checking to see what is going to happen in the future with the virus going around?

  14. Hope the traction doesn't let the shoe down. The Lebron 15 with it's high sitting ride and lack of outrigger coupled with it's bad traction made em unplayable for me

  15. The traction is what worries me the most. Hey and were you able to make a review on the why not 0.3?


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