*NEW* Strategy to See THROUGH Walls Endgame – Tips and Tricks: Today we have a BRAND NEW video and we today we talk about tips and tricks you can use in your games to improve! we cover rotation tips, how to phase into boxes, how to use fishes to your advantage in endgames and more! If you are wanting to take Fortnite on a more serious level I highly suggest you watch the whole video

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:44 Shock wave cone phase in
1:49 Bounce pad shock wave rotate
2:38 Boogie bomb bounce pad
2:47 Whole trio shock wave phase
3:28 Thermal fishes
4:38 Gas can phase in
5:14 Silver surfer & groot ball
6:08 Stark Rifle
6:41 Conclusion
7:28 Top clip of the week

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*NEW* Strategy to See THROUGH Walls Endgame - Tips and Tricks

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