New Maps, Policies, and Unique Buildings | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines: ⛵ Available on March 26th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99/€14.99 ⛵

Travel the world with the new maps arriving with Sunset Harbor, place new policies on both old and new cities, and place the new unique building; the Aviation Club! Let your residents relax high in the sky and enjoy the view from high above!

Azure Gulf has many different islands and rivers and is able to provide many different places to expand to.
Crater Falls, with its many mountains and waterfalls, gives almost a fantastical feel.
Desert Oasis comes with tons of sand, many natural resources, but no running water.
Fisher Enclave looks almost like it’s been designed for fishing and the perfect location to start your fishing industry.
Swamplands has many small rivers snaking around a very flat landscape, be careful about the water though, it might flood very easily!

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New Maps, Policies, and Unique Buildings | Sunset Harbor Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines

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  1. 💙Azure Gulf
    🌠Crater Falls
    🏜️ Desert Oasis
    🎣 Fisher Enclave
    💚 Swamplands

    Which map will you check out first?

  2. I’m very grateful of this game and what you are releasing but there is like 0 depth to all of this. I wish this game was more challenging and actually made you feel like an important mayor instead of just a road and building plopper

  3. Please make it so ps4 people can use mods, or at least make all tiles available and moving buildings 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I know what would be unique: An Accident DLC! 😳 All of this activity BEGS for accidents! Imagine clicking on a spot in your city and seeing one crop up. Traffic backs up, and vehicles are forced to reroute into other roads. How about clicking on a plane and forcing it to crash? Trains, to force a derailment! 😳 Chaos reigns! 😆 Radio stations would automatically report anything to warn the populace. New rescue vehicles! This'll shake up everything, and I don't mean by an earthquake! 😆

  5. Will the fishing industry’s work with old maps/saved games? Or will you need one of these new maps/workshop mod?

  6. Woahhh!! Awesome pack! Certainly will get 💯. Just a question: Will there be some scenarios. 😃 I love those.

  7. Can you add flight paths for the aviation club or designate areas as no fly zones for small civilian aircraft

  8. Yeah all well but how are we supposed to put all these buildings in our city when we only have 9 tiles on console???

  9. I play on console and do enjoy it. I would love to see an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro map upgrade to 12 titles. Would be nice but we probably wouldn't see it. Still going to download these updates.

  10. Cool this is one of the best DLC ever, for console playerd asking for Map editor. Blame your console creator for such tiny ram ammount

  11. I wish there wasn’t a limit on how much of the map you can use :(. On console it feels like you have to bunch the city up it you want to have a large population.


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