NEW Land Rover Defender Review: On & Off Road In The UK | 4K: Rory Reid reviews the new Land Rover Defender 110 240S on roads in the UK, as well as testing its off-road capabilities. Does it live up to the hype? Is it as good as the previous Defender? Watch Rory share his opinion on everything from the interior and exterior design, to the boot, to the all-new technology on real roads and on extreme terrain.

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NEW Land Rover Defender Review: On & Off Road In The UK | 4K

Author by: AutoTrader



  1. hats off to a very enjoyable review. Now they just need to show us they can finally make something reliable. If after a ‘billion’ miles of testing they show they still can’t then there is no hope and they will need to sub-contract either Japanese, Swedish or German (and here I include Ford Europe) engineering in the order stated…Jaguar Land Rover have a very big reputation problem in their hands they only need to acknowledge it to resolve it…

  2. Great review Rory! Good presentation style, informative and compelling. Well done buddy. This Defender is fantastic!

  3. Looks good, it's proper off road but reliability & use of many electronics is questionable. I won't buy one yet, will buy after 3 years. Would be paranoid taking it to the forest. If anything was to go wrong when I am far from civilization….. I feel like I would be fucked

  4. I know it'll break down with random electronic issues cause what recent land rover hasn't … but I soooo want one anyways… dammit!

  5. Great presentation, your the first review who included urban diving which is your average driver, well done ♥

  6. My neighbour has had plenty of new Land Rover models in the last few years and he’s spent more time back at Land Rover with a wide array of faults that were still covered by warranty period but all in all he now owns a Kia Sportage and has had zero issues proving badge snobbery sometimes comes at a price and an even steeper one when the warranty expires…

  7. Its a shame about the approach and depatcher angels as the old 110 have a 50 approach and 35 depacher and a 45 incline

  8. 50k+ for your neighbours to think you’ve bought a 10 yr old discovery 3. Sorry Land Rover you’ve completely missed the point.

  9. Looks amazing but I have only seen fully enclosed cabins versions, so when will we see a soft top version or pick up style?

  10. How do the front corner panels stand up to dings and what does it look like with a few dented panels? Will it still be desirable with dents and dings while holding its value?

  11. ‘Very discovery’ 😂sums up the new defender perfectly. It is no longer a defender but a replacement for the discovery 4 as the new discovery has also gone up market. The new discovery is closer to the Range Rover brand, which meant that Land Rover needed to fill the gap of a useable but utilitarian vehicle that the disco 4 once was.

  12. Brilliant review, sense of humor, candidly juxtaposed with a massive amount of information. Hats off. Thank you.

  13. I have a Discovery 3 and the Defender will be our next off roader. And yes it does work off road. Just need to make sure I can attach a Nato Pintle to it.

  14. Hey Rory! It looks like you have been working in a mine, your jeans are all muddy. 🤣🤣 Geat review!

  15. I had a Land Rover Freelander about 12 years ago, with a 2.0TDI BMW sourced engine, it was nice, fast and capable while it was working, half of the time it was at the dealer with all kinds of problems: Turbo, cold starting problems (with lots of white smoke), clutch, once one cylinder did not fire up, so I had to drive for +200kms on 3 cylinders, under warranty the dealer almost did a whole overhaul to the engine with a kit they received from England…at the end I sold it and lost a lot of money. My mother had a Discovery II 2000 model bought new with a V8 4.0L engine, really nice car but the depreciation costs and later maintenance cost is a problem. I do love the brand, but quality and associated costs are deal breakers.

  16. A lot of electronics and messing about for an off roader. The old defender had more aggression , throw her into low box second with diff lock and just send it.

  17. I too was privileged to spend 2 days driving the pre-production versions at Land Rovers’ Eastnor Castle visitor experience centre. WOW 🤩 their refined prowess and unflappable competence quite literally blew our socks, gloves, hats and everything else off. This car is the real McCoy, it is a genuine game-changer ✊

  18. How many people will buy it for the off-road riding? Despite the engineering and the new technology embarked in i definitely use this Defender mainly as a SUV than off-road elephant. Brilliant review showing the practicality of this new Defender in City streets and Off-roads. Thank you.

  19. You say, it feels like a modern Land Rover? That must mean it's broken down on the side of the road.

  20. Oh what a surprise another overpriced 'luxury" land rover. Just like all the others. I've had a few Defenders and for me this is one in name only. In their scramble to build a range of cars that fit their company profile, that 'they all look the same and are overpriced,' they have lost sight of what a Defender was all about.


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