NEW Land Rover DEFENDER First Drive Review!: The new Land Rover Defender 110 is priced from £45,240, with the smaller 90 variant priced from £40,290. Despite its two-door layout, the 90 can also accommodate six people.


The car i’m driving today is the new Land Rover Defender 110 with the top of the range 3.0l 6 cylinder 400hp engine! The Defender 110 is built as standard with air suspension where the new Defender 90 comes on spring suspension as standard with the option of air suspension.

A commercial derivative will also join the range later this year, priced from around £35,000 plus VAT. Following that will be a plug-in hybrid model, for which pricing has yet to be announced.

The new Defender will also be available with a greater breadth of capabilities than any other Land Rover before. The line-up will range from humanitarian and military models through to lifestyle-orientated versions that can be supplemented with more than 170 individual accessories, likely taking the price into at least Range Rover territory and potentially well beyond £100,000 for top-end versions.

Land Rover claims 1.21m people have configured a Defender on the brand’s site, with over half choosing one of the four Accessory Packs: Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban.

The Land Rover Defender has been reborn as a mainstream model for the global market, taking heavy design and capability cues from the iconic original, which was withdrawn from sale in 2016, and the 2009-2016 Land Rover Discovery 4.

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NEW Land Rover DEFENDER First Drive Review!

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  1. The attractiveness of the old defenders were their simplicity and ease to work on. Just can’t see the farmers buying one of these, as capable as it is. I think more will be seen in London than in the country…

  2. I really like the design of this car. It might explain why I also liked the Honda Element when it was launched. I just don`t think this is a worthy successor to the old Defenders. Mercedes did a h… of a better job with the G-wagon. But can`t wait to test it out.

  3. Defender price $50k, Toyota $40k. After 5 years: Defender $10k (+ save another $10k for repairs) and Toyota will be worth $30K

  4. It’s gone to expensive. There is nothing for the Farmer , builder or just an Commercial application. Those types of people have no alternative but to buy a Mitsubishi L200, makes no sense. Again another Company not listening to its customer base, and what’s that white square all about 🤷‍♂️

  5. Love it. Would be tempted to just go for a base spec 90 if I was going to use it for it’s proper original purpose. Looks plastic-y on the outside so not as hard wearing as the original but I suppose it can’t be like they were due to regulations. Great bit of kit though!

  6. Ford Bronco coming soon and it’s what the new Defender should have been. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice expensive SUV but can’t see it as a working tool that does not matter if it gets a dent or a scratch…

  7. It makes the discovery redundant, why? Because it has real identity….unlike the disco, which is a Frankenstein Range Rover. Could be a bit too “Chelsea” for some rural folk.

  8. Awful aesthetics & design, they should HV learned from the G-class redesign. But what do you expect. Spoiler Alert. __________
    It's an Indian car made in Cech Republic.

  9. I don't know any sheep farmers that is willing to pay that much for a car! It maybe priced at £40k but by the time you have added the options you need to make it a usable car it comes in close to £60k. Maybe buy a second hand one in 10 years when it's worth £5-10k but currently it's just for the rich townie to use on the way to the stables at the weekend. Also can no longer call it best of British, its built in Slovakia!

  10. That mirror feature has been on Chinese cars for years now. So now Land Rover copies the Chinese. Funny that


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