MY MR. UNIVERSE & FRAGMENTS REVIEW + REACTION! STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE EP 15 – 16!: Bill sits down to watch, discuss, review, and react to Steven Universe Future Episode 15 (Mr. Universe) and 16 (Fragments). The final episodes of Steven Universe are upon us. Is Bill ready? Is Steven ready? Are you ready? The future is coming! Let him know what to watch/listen to next in the comments, and don’t forget to like the video, subscribe, and ring the bell if you’re so inclined!

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Author by: thethirdbill



  1. Your talk of "making a choice" is so true!
    I recently wrote a personal essay explaining my moment of clarity and I've often wondered how many people have this moment so consciously. It was nice to hear you talk about that even just that little bit.

  2. *japser calls Steven “my diamond”

    Bill: ew, no!

    *immediately cuts to the little CN jingle*

    The jingle caught me off guard.😂😂

  3. I have a theory. Steven is going to get corrupted and White is going to glow pink (like in the "villians" part of the intro) control him to keep him calm and help him.
    Edit: not heal, just help him.

  4. uGhgHghGHGH we’ve already addressed the psychology of murders, abuse, serial killers, out of control behavior- but never in this kind of show, directed at this kind of audience. to call steven a murderer is… while yes, kind of inaccurate, it’s not at all. what if he did that to a human? what if he couldn’t bring jasper back? that’s murder. inexcusable homicide. trauma, flashbacks, mental regression, mental health issues, physical dysmorphia, identity issues, neglect, isolation, near death experiences, abuse- all of which happened at a young age. because yes steven is some zany gem or whatever but that half part human is still there. that part of him which influenced him much more when he was younger and to a certain extent, didn’t have powers. could you even imagine a human child going through everything he did? his loss of control, anger, loneliness, desperation, identity issues- those are exactly the things that can fuel people to do *bad things*. while yes, most “serial killers” or abusers also have social disorders and personality disorders (to be fair steven shows signs of bpd), there are people who have one singular victim. one time where their control just…. slipped. so yeah. my point is, this is amazing content.

  5. I can’t shake this feeling that “Change Your Mind” was the semicolon to the Steven Universe sentence. Once he established that self affirmation, he then had to live it.

    the movie and beginning of Steven Universe Future was him making his own decisions, being more independent, being more Conscience of other people’s feelings and wants but; standing firm in his experiences and beliefs.

    And we all know that self affirmation is good until you start asking yourself: what do you want? How do you feel? Who are you, really? These are the questions that everyone, at some point, asked themselves. And when you go seeking answers, you might not like what you see.
    Some things are too easy. (Little Home School)
    Some things seem light years away. (College)
    Some things are mild yet frustrating. (Green house)
    Some things are confusing and complicated. (Relationship with Connie)
    And some things are just eternal struggles. (What is happening to my everything)

    These are all avenues we must travel once we become brave enough to love ourselves. The path of self discovery is a long and weary one; and it becomes exponentially difficult walking it alone. (Another point illustrated by SUF)

    So again.
    “I don’t need you to respect me. I respect me.
    I don’t need you to love me. I love me.
    But I want you to know. You can know me.
    If you change your mind.”

    But who is “me”?
    Who am I?

  6. I have seen every Steven universe episode you have made, I love it I am subscribing and I am really excited to see next weeks episodes and your reactions

  7. He aged back and forth because his age is tied to his state of mind, remember? We learned that in Too Many Birthdays. Training with Jasper made him feel strong and capable; killing her made him feel weak and lost.

    I have some thoughts:

    1) Greg Universe is such a good father. He's not perfect, but he TRIES, ya know? He's the perfect example of a normal man who yeah, he's made mistakes – but he loves his child with ALL his goddamn heart, and he will do whatever he can to help them.
    Also yeah, I was so terrified for a second that they would kill Greg off.

    2) MY. HEART. STOPPED. When I realised Steven had killed Jasper. I didn't think they would actually do it. There was an audible sigh of relief when Jasper came back to life. I do think, though, it would've been fucking incredible if they had let Jasper die; imagine that everything's the same, but instead of Jasper coming back, there's just silence and nothing happens. No music, no healing, nothing. We just end on Steven over the bath, holding onto Jasper's shards. How brutal would that be?

    3) I second the motion for calling this version of Steven "Spicy Steven"

  8. I think steven is going to focus on the point that he killed someone and realize that he's just like his mother however we don't 100% know that his mom actually killed someone so he could think that he's worse than his mother

  9. In mr.universe at the end steven starts zoning out and Greg's voice gets kinda clouded out. Steven deleted that picture and his face just. His face looked off he just looked so done with Greg and the end where he debates on deleting the photo and then ending the episode with a crumbling paper sound and it being deleted feels like somethings gonna be brought up later. I feel unsettled with the way he looked at it. Do you think steven is planning on leaving his dad like greg did with his parents????

  10. I really like Steven universe and your probably my favorite person who has reviewed the show thus far thank you for your thoughts ^ ^

  11. I also kinda think he didn’t take him to the doctor because of the gem. They would of most likely do test on him if they did

  12. His physical transformation is because his body reflects how he feels. He feels like hes more grown up and stronger so he looks stronger.

    Hit: He feels like a monster, he becomes a monster

  13. Steven: How about another joke Jasper? What do you get, when you cross a traumatized kid with a blood knight who PUSHES HIM TOO FAR IN TRAINING? YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE!


  14. Jasper had a negative effect on Steven, BUT notice how he finally aged up, only to immediately revert when he went home. Jasper’s bad advice came because she still needs to heal as well, but I think we need to acknowledge the fact that Steven got some good out of Jasper too. Or at the very least, got a “necessary evil” learning moment. He can’t grow as long as he is stuck on the beach.

    I’m not trying to excuse Jasper’s negative impact btw.

  15. I turned to my little sister while watching the show and said “wow they are really doing a Piccolo Gohan thing here.”

  16. "You know there's a whole song about how Garnet is stronger than you" "My boy killed someone" "My tummy hurts"

    There are a lot of very good quotes in this video, also I really like Jasper's use in the episode.

    Another thing, his form changes with how old he's feeling, remember that episode where he got so old he almost died that was brought up in episode 14? I think it's that.

    As always, great video and love hearing your thoughts on it, keep it up!!!

  17. This may sound like an over reaction but i almost puked when i saw Jaspers gem shattered like that.


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