Most Dangerous Drink in the World: Blue Blazer | How to Drink: Today I make the Most Dangerous Drink in the World, the Blue Blazer: this drink is a flamethrower, literally. WARNING: DO NOT MAKE THIS DRINK

This drink is crazy to make. It was invented in the 1850’s by none other than Jerry “The Professor” Thomas either to please a demanding lunatic of a patron or because Jerry Thomas was a bored pyromaniac, the jury is out. It is at the end of the day a very elaborate presentation of a simple drink, otherwise known as a Scotch Skin. A “Skin” is an archaic name for a hot toddy with a lemon twist, and that’s really all you wind up with here. Still, there’s something wonderful about seeing a bartender juggle huge streaming gouts of flame between a pair of silver mugs, and we all know that’s what you’re here for, right? So today I make the Blue Blazer, a drink I’m fairly sure is the most dangerous drink in the world. It involves juggling fire after all.

As a Disclaimer: I must strongly advise you NOT to make this drink. Seriously, don’t do it. It absolutely is not worth the effort or danger involved and I really don’t want people trying to make this thing. Thank you.

In four ceramic mugs:
• 1-2 spoons of demerara sugar each
• one strip of lemon peel each
In Silver “throwing” mugs
5 oz. -or- 150 ml. Cask Strength Scotch
4 oz. -or- 120 ml. Boiling Water
Light aflame
Juggle the flaming liquid until the handles are too hot to continue
Divide into ceramic serving mugs
extinguish before serving!

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Most Dangerous Drink in the World: Blue Blazer | How to Drink

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