Miz Cracker's Review with a Jew – S12 E04 Feat. Rock M. Sakura: I review the events of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Twelve, Episode Four. With a special word from Rock M. Sakura.

Miz Cracker's Review with a Jew - S12 E04 Feat. Rock M. Sakura

Author by: Miz Cracker



  1. Totally mostly unrelated. But, funny none the less. My cat isn't doing good with social distancing. My boyfriend usually comes over after work nearly every day and hangs out with my youngest cat. Because my boyfriend works in a grocery store and is considered 'essential', we've decided to social distance until everything is over. I have lupus, and thus am immunocomprimised. Every day at the time my boyfriend would usually get off, my cat stares out the window of the front door and meows for a good twenty minutes. When my boyfriend doesn't show up, he comes up to my bed and mopes for at least two hours.

  2. Crying is not weak. It is the reaction to realizing any action you want to do would put you in jail.

  3. me: okay let's find something calm to fall asleep to

    also me: oh a new review with a jew! guess that's more important

  4. If Miz Cracker and Rock M. would end up in the same season of All Stars… It would break my heart. 😀

  5. If you read these comments Rock I have literally been praying that you were going to get active on YouTube. I looked it up some content and you are absolutely fabulous as a YouTube personality and of course as a drag queen. People are in desperate need of humour and light-hearted entertainment. Girl your imitations are out of this world. I can't wait to see more of what you can do. And get to know you better. Big hugs. Will be watching for that first video. I would love to see your other outfits from drag race.

  6. The James Charles shade gave me more than enough life. I don’t know if I can finish your video, now. I might have too much life for this Ms. Rona Epidemic Social Distancing Eleganza Extravaganza. definitely keeps watching

  7. Let’s not fret, Rock M is coming back for All Stars 🌟! She will be So much more fun and interesting as she evolves as a DR. She has an incredible heart ❤️. Can’t wait to see her again Sooooon! Also, So glad RWAJ is Back! Mizzzz C- you keep flashing that ring, what’s the news 📰 💍?!?

  8. In a weird roundabout way the Trixie comparisons fit*? Someone who went too soon, but had the skills + brains+ personal charisma + worked really hard to build something after DR that audiences loved and wanted more and more and more of. Looking forwards to whatever it is that Rock M builds, she is a star.

    *like a dress make of duct tape

  9. Lol omg I had my big dupstep speaker hooked up when I started the vid. Quite the HD vocals there hahaha

  10. Leslie Jones was awesome! I usually don’t find her funny… I guess she thrives in the moment instead scripts like SNL!


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