Minecraft Villager Houses – THE CLERIC (Small Church) – [Minecraft Tutorial]: Minecraft Villager Houses – THE CLERIC (Small Church) – [Minecraft Tutorial]

In today’s Minecraft Villager House Tutorial we’re going to be focusing on the Cleric by building an awesome small wooden church!!! I love this Minecraft Church Design!!! It’s perfect for a Minecraft Plains Village transformation, and i’m definitely going to be adding it to my Minecraft Survival Let’s Play once we do our Village Transformation!!!

Welcome to a brand new mini series on the channel!!! We’re going to be making block for block tutorials on Minecraft Villager Profession Houses!!!

This first run will be specific to the plains biome village!!!

These are the Minecraft 1.14 Villager Professions that will get a build specific to their profession!!!

➜ Farmer: Composter
➜ Armorer: Blast Furnace
➜ Butcher: Smoker
➜ Cartographer: Cartography Table
➜ Cleric: Brewing stand
➜ Fisherman: Barrel
➜ Fletcher: Fletching Table
➜ Leatherworker: Cauldron
➜ Librarian: Lectern
➜ Mason: Stonecutter
➜ Shepherd: Loom
➜ Toolsmith: Smithing Table
➜ Weaponsmith: Grindstone

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeGutrNBca_0-RyK2UceJf57JBdAga5pd
World Download: Coming Soon

Check out my Minecraft Village Transformation but with All Villager Profession Houses! HERE: https://youtu.be/3R33tArunEk

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Minecraft Villager Houses - THE CLERIC (Small Church) - [Minecraft Tutorial]

Author by: TheMythicalSausage