Minecraft Bedrock: Advanced Honey/Honeycomb Farm Tutorial! (Bee Farm) MCPE Xbox PC PS4: Welcome to another Bedrock Edition tutorial! Today i show you how to be pretty much the best honey/honeycomb bee farm on Bedrock Edition! This farm is specifically designed to give you the most drops, and is made for large scale bee farms! 😀 If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave a like! And consider sharing with those who might also enjoy it! 😊

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Glass bottles (for honey)
Building blocks
Sheers(for honeycomb)
Hopper minecart(optional)
Hopper chest

10 solid blocks
5 redstone dust
2 hoppers
2 redstone torches
1 comparator
1 repeater
1 observer
1 trap door
1 glass
1 dispenser
1 dropper
1 powered rail
1 flower
1 beehive(with 3 bees)

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Minecraft Bedrock: Advanced Honey/Honeycomb Farm Tutorial! (Bee Farm) MCPE Xbox PC PS4

Author by: silentwisperer